How tight are you?

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  1. I once read a psychological study that found women who carried large handbags to be generous, while those who favored small bags were . . . well, less than generous.

    Does the size of your bag project a true reflection of this trait in you?
  2. Well...I don't want to sound like I'm full of myself, but I have been known to be generous toward family, friends (and animals too) and it just so happens that I looooove large bags!!
  3. I love large bags because I'm one of those 'What if I need THIS??? Or THIS???' people even though it isn't likely I will need those items on a day to day basis...I'm the girl that's prepared for certain emergencies, come see me if you need a nail file! and stuff like that.

    I keep wristlets and pochettes in my bags in case I can just store my bag and run out with the essentials for an errand, like while I'm at work, I may not need to carry my bag with me everywhere.

    Hmm. I don't know if it's a reflection of my generosity, but I do love to give advice and whatever I can if I have it!
  4. I agree with Candace. I like larger bags due to all the "stuff" I must have on me in case I need them. As for its correlation with generosity, I do love providing for all kinds of animals/pets. But when it comes to humans, you'll have to ask my friends/family about that. *LOL*

  5. sound so much like myself. I feel the need to pack every thing that I THINK that I might need. I also have that emergency stuff ( ya know.....the just-in-case stuff.) work my co-workers know where to come for those little less though of items files, bandaides, etc.) Yep gotta have that big handbag!!!:yes:
  6. I'm a "just-in-case" person too, thus the need for a large bag.
  7. i think it has more to do w what u need w u then how tight u r. but maybe people who carry bigger bags have a lot going on in their lives (ie kids etc) and arent always in as much a position to give? only analogy i could come up w as to how someone came up w this.
  8. I love big bags!!! To some people I am very generous and others I am very cheap. It depends on who it is.
  9. Wow . . . LOTS of generous people! It's true; it's true!!!
  10. I'm a tote carrying girl for sure!:tup:
    I don't know if that correlation is right or not{?}
  11. Hmm.
    I tend to carry small bags because I stuff big ones with useless crap (like old receipts, membership cards to place i never go, &C.). I think I'm generous, but maybe I'm actually stingy?
    I guess you'd have to ask my husband.
  12. I like larger bags but I'm also tall so I think larger bags flatter me more than smaller ones unless we're talking evening. I am a generous person with family/friends but I don't think I'm nearly as generous with those I don't know...
  13. I love smaller bags and I'm tightfisted when it comes to cold hard cash, cos I'm saving up for a nice property. Otherwise I'm pretty generous with other non-monetary things like time. :p
  14. hahaha I love large bags and I think I'm pretty ok.

    I don't think you're going to find anyone who is going to be like "I love small handbags! I'm very ungenerous!" LOL.
  15. I love big bags, and I am very generous and giving towards friends and family. I don't think being a small bag lover would make you less than generous though. I don't see the correlation.