How the heck does "reserve" work ???

  1. OK, im still relatively new to using eBay, and I have not yet encountered a "reserve" until now . I understand that its basically a secret minimum price that the seller has, but how does it affect bidding, or does it at all ?

    If you put in a maximum bid, will it automatically go above the reserve price, or just above the previous highest bid ? does that make sense to anyone ??

    Anyways, any info would be helpful .
    Thanks !
  2. If the auction hasn't reached the reserve price but your max bid does then I believe the bid that reaches the reserve price will show?

    I find that reserves turn me away from the auction more than anything.. unless the item is something so unique and I have been wanting for a while. Otherwise I just leave it in my watch list but end up never bidding on it. Also, as a seller I find that reserve priced auctions never did me any good and its just expensive for nothing, IMO. So I never do reserve priced auctions.. if anything I will do a buy it now with an offer auction.

    I hope that helped and everything made sense!
  3. This is from eBay:

    A reserve price is the lowest price at which you are willing to sell your item. If you don’t want to sell your item below a certain price, you can a set a reserve price. The amount of your reserve price is not disclosed to your bidders, but they will see that your auction has a reserve price and whether or not the reserve has been met. If a bidder does not meet that price, you're not obligated to sell your item.
    Why have a reserve price? Many sellers have found that too high a starting price discourages interest in their item, while an attractively low starting price makes them vulnerable to selling at an unsatisfactorily low price. A reserve price helps with this.

    I did a reserve price once with a lot of books (it was all of the hardcover Princess Diaries books..I started them at about $15 but had a reserve of $50 and it was met within the first few hours it was up; it actually went much higher though). Generally though, I tend to stay away from this.
  4. Hi. Yes a reserve is the minimum the seller will accept for their item. As people bid the price will go up in increments as usual. If you reach the reserve with your own bid the amount will jump up to the reserve. So you acn keep going up until you reach it. Hope that makes sense.