How the Heck did I end up HERE? PFer gets blind sighted at Christmas….:-)

  1. Some how, some way, I must have lost my way this Xmas…cause I ended up here (where the heck is Fendi-ville :confused1: …Somebody leave me a trail of bread crumbs or somethin’) :wtf:

    You probably think that after owning just about every Fendi hand bag imaginable, it was time for BL.1 to pioneer new territory….I DON’T THINK SO!
    (OK, just maybe…) :graucho:

    It is just that when I wandered into Barneys the other day…err I just sorta blacked out and when I came too, this gorgeous thing was in my possession!


    YUPP! As you can see in the photo, I got me an ADARP!! And I have to admit, I’m impressed. How clever! those ADARP people had a stroke of genius with that stunning handle hardware. Now we ladies can grab and go without mangling…:tup: (Sort of reminds me of when I found out my Landrover automatically releases the parking brake when you hit the gas….DUHHH! So simple, so logical, why don’t all cars do this?)

    Its nice to have a bag that is finally bigger than my butt & is great derrière hiding material...and the casual look, terrific leather and flash of gold hardware…sort of reminds me of the Fendi Spy Bag. :nuts:

    NOW don’t go into shock ADARP PFers:roflmfao:…Just how logical is that big tag with the Boat? Makes about as much sense as the FENDI Spy Wand…and about the same purpose...hmmm whatever that is?:girlsigh:
  2. Ah cute story and bag looks great on you. Enjoy!!!!
  3. Wow, Great Prada!! She looks GREAT on you too!! Does this mean we'll be seeing you here a bit more often now? Certainly hope so, your post was delightful!! :love:
  4. BL, slowly put the ADARP down and follow the Spyway back to Fendi...J/K, great bag, glad you were a good girl so Santa could bring you nice things!
  5. very nice~
  6. OK, I'm "Prada Psycho" but I have no clue what ADARP means. Should I, or is it the drugs again? :confused1:

    Nevertheless, excellent selection, M'Dear!! I have the satchel version and it rocks big time. :jammin:
  7. I just worked it out - it's PRADA backwards ( in the mirror in her photo)!!
  8. Ah! I see. Good job, HelloKittyKitty. :tup:

    Looks like the Russian alphabet in the mirror though. ;)
  9. Beautiful bag and a wonderful post.

    See how much fun it can be to cheat on your normal designer? *s
  10. Lovely bag, mmm beautifull hardwear!!!
  11. looks great...:tup:
  12. Welcome to the dark (krad) side muwahahahahaha ...............
    As to the tag -- think of it this way. If you ever have to knock someone upside the head, that extra metal hardware will come in handy !!
  13. LOVES it!
    welcome to our dark corner of the PF!!
  14. HELLOKITTY & PRADA PSYCHO - - OMG!! :wtf: I was wondering why the LOGO letters seemed a bit off...!

    :sweatdrop: Thought for a minute there I had walked out with a Mirror Image Bag...think I've had one too many Triple Shot Lattes or its just menopausal delerium...maybe both:p

    LC, BabyS, SJunk, Jill & Pradafanatic :flowers: Appreciate the approval of this beauty. I am still floating on air, I am so delighted with the Glace. Prada outdid themselves & created a line even an aging deconstructed pursemonger would adore:wlae:. How smart to give us big open pockets East & West for the all important Reading Glasses.

    MiuMiu and Lady SR - you bet I'm hooked...and while now each morning one must decide: hmmm...Glace or Spy, Glace or Spy...hey diversity is the spice of life.

    Jenskar -- Yeah, right! Just like the Spy wand was made to hold lipstick and have a mirror end. Great idea except Fendi has yet to properly create one that will stay shut. Bye bye lipstick...

    SSMAMA - I'll drop the ADARP when the MY LITTLE FENDI bag trots right outta here...

  15. BL! fancy seeing you here!! i recognized you immediately from the days when i was still stalking the acadia spy!! WELCOME! WELCOME! prada is the longest brand i have ever been loyal to (i have no brand loyalty normally!) that i think you sill stay here for awhile! congrats on the bag!