How the Heck did I do this to my Prada Heel?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I seem to do this to some of my shoes:crybaby:and I'm not sure how:confused1:. My other shoes are non-designer but now it happened to my Pradas:wtf:. Can someone tell me if my cobbler will be able to fix this? This is soooooooooo frustrating:cursing:. The picture isn't too clear but it should show that the leather on the heel is torn. TIA!!

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  2. I've had that happen from stepping in cracks. I have my CLs getting fixed right now because my entire heel separated when I stepped in a crack.

    A shoe place will be able to fix them no problem...
  3. it's happened to me before, when i've accidentally stepped on cracks. it looks like the leather got nicked and scrunched off to the side, right? a cobbler would be able to take care of it..
  4. UGH that happened to me yesterday on my pair of CLs. I'm so mad. first time it's ever happened. I don't even know what I stepped on, when I felt my heel slip into something, I looked at my heel and wanted to cry :sad: The floor looked perfectly fine w/o any special cracks or anything. They will be giong to the cobbler in a few days :sad: I just can't stand my shoes looking like that
  5. Thx for the replies. I do alot of walking in the city so that definitely makes sense. I'll pay my cobbler a visit tomorrow. I'm gonna make an effort to avoid those cracks:smile: - Sorta like Jack Nicholson in "As good as it gets" remember, lol!!!

    Thx again:smile:.
  6. That's happened to me before...probably aboug 85% of the streets where I live are cobblestoned, so that's the reason why I can't wear pretty heels anymore (and they hurt my feet, hehe)...I've had what you had happen so many times on my shoes :s
  7. I did that to a pair of patent heels, too. It's almost inevitable. I stepped into a grate! Luckily it wasn't too bad and i carefully smoothed it out myself. It's almost unnoticeable.
  8. if it happened to a lighter colored heel, then you'd be worse off...i know. luckily, it's not. shouldn't be too noticeable.
  9. Happens to me almost all the time. I slipped into cracks, banged my shoes against something...sigh.

    You cobbler should be able to fix it. :yes:
  10. ^ Agreed, with all above. I hate it when it happens, but it is nearly inevitable that your heel will get scraped at some point. Just take your shoes to a cobbler of well-repute and get those babies patched back up!
  11. ahhh! i'd cry as well!
  12. This happens to ALL of my shoes! It happens when you step in cracks or in sewer grates. Most of the time, the leather gets cut & bunches up in one place so it's easy for a cobbler to fix. Kinda sucks because it happeened on the FIRST day I wore my Prada maryjanes!
  13. This is a serious crack attack! I'm sorry for your cute Prada shoe. Your cobbler will be able to fix it. I've switched most of my shoe wardrobe over to flats to avoid this issue. The cracks just make me too nervous!
  14. I hope the cobbler will fix the heel!

    Please remove the sticker from the sole :yes: