How the grinch stold X-mas via EBAY!

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  1. So about a month ago I purchased a Sopranos Dvd collection for my boyfriend from a trusted powerseller on ebay for $233 and this guy has been selling for over a year now and has 1200+feedback positive. Now I had a bad feeling the past few days because I haven't heard from him nor received my item. He said it would take approx. 3-4weeks due to high demand, but I was getting impatient. I now looked at his feedback over the weekend and saw over 35 negatives saying it was a scam, he's no longer registered, paypal account closed. So I filed a paypal claims and now i'm just waiting =/ but my boyfriend told me he doesn't want me to get him anything else, just because some guy was an ******* :sad: Bright side is it was only $233 long worked for money, but at least it wasn't $450 for an xbox others bought off of him.

    It's sad that people can do this to others.
  2. awww that's so disappointing. :sad:
    Does paypal refund 100% for that kind of thing?
  3. Unfortunately paypal isn't as great as I once thought. I had an incident occur about a yr ago and I only got refunded $4 because that's all she had in her paypal account as cash. So I was out of $370. And now, IDK what they plan on doing, but there is a good few claims against this guy and ebay/paypal better do something about it =/ Because who are you really suppose to trust when buying off ebay? -sigh-
  4. Sorry that happened to you. I hope you get your money back.
  5. That is awful, I am so sorry that happened to you.
  6. Did you pay with a credit card? If so, call them and file a chargeback. You WILL get your money back that way. They have the ability to "go over" paypal's head, so to speak.
  7. ^^completely agree. I hope it all works out!
  8. How can someone turn bad so fast? That's awful--I hope you get your money back.
  9. sorry this happened to u at christmas. You would think some people would have more decency over the holidays ! : sigh :
  10. I used to buy bubble wrap from this great seller on ebay, it was super cheap and I must have bought from him 10+ times over the past 2 years. I went to buy some 2 weeks ago and his account was suspended and he had over 100 negative feedbacks in a months time. He sold all this stuff and then never sent any of it. He had over 5000 positive feedbacks at one point and very few negs...I just dont get people sometimes.
  11. ^^ OMG, OH Donna the same thing happened to my boyfriend, who has an ebay business and has been buying bubble wrap and envelopes from a very well known prominent ebay seller, and then zoom, all of a sudden he was done?!?

    But, Babestaaa- if you paid with a CC, call the company and file a chargeback, they will take care of it and go over paypals head..
  12. What a disappointment :cursing:
    So sorry your having to deal with such nonsense.
    Wish I knew of something that would be helpful...
    I know you can get some good advice here.
  13. I'm sorry..if you paid with paypal or a CC, definitely see if you can do a chargeback. You should at least be able to recover some of your money.
  14. I would try for a refund through Paypal. You can get the Sopranos thru, they are cheap, have good/quick delivery and you don't have to go to a Walmart to get it. I got all my Sopranos and SATC DVD's thru
  15. I am sorry to hear this happened to you and I hope it wasn't the same seller I purchased the Soprano's from. After paying just about the same $ they did arrive after a bit to find out they were bootlegged. I emailed the guy he gives me this long story.. I emailed him back- your story is false refund the money or else.. I got the money back including the shipping cost to mail them back.