How the Birkin was born - what I don't understand

  1. So we all know how the Birkin was born. What I don't understand about all this: why didn't Mr Dumas simply suggest a HAC 36 or even 40? Did these sizes not exist back then?
    I just don't understand.... :shrugs:
  2. mademoiselle jane found the hac to deep and the handles too short to be convenient for her and all her stuff
  3. Thanks Lilach :flowers: for the missing link!
  4. Interesting! I had always heard that the Birkin was the HAC and renamed for dear Jane. But then in a recent article it clearly stated "an Hermes HAC." And I was thinking "what!? why not just say Birkin." But it all makes sense now.

    So...that makes me wonder then, why is the HAC becoming more popular these days? Maybe I am wrong (because I don't own either), but it just seems to me that the Birkin is/was more well known. And now I am hearing about the HAC so much more frequently...could just be because I am on tPF so much more frequently?!?!

  5. Wow that makes perfect sense. I couldn't figure this out myself. DUH!!

    I think HACs are getting more popular simply because they are so very beautiful and give one that long/lean look that we all want so much. My SA says it is also much easier to score a HAC than a Birkin, although I haven't tried this myself. Is this true?? I've seen way more HACs on shelves than Birkins over the years but I don't see them as "easily obtained" as say an Evelyne, Bolide or Trim. What am I missing?
  6. well the HAC is more for people in the know kwim. a lot of people neclect him due to the fact that is not the elusive birkin.make out of that what you want. it is still coveted and makes it to the floor far easier then a birkin. techincally the HAC is the original birkin
  7. Can someone post pictures of a birkin and a HAC? I really can't tell the difference.
  8. i wonder if they intended the handles on the birkin to be able to go over one's shoulder originally? and less of us are able to as time goes on? or was it always supposed to be a "hand"bag?
  9. ^LOL you mean we're getting fatter or fatter? Or more biceps-challenged? Perhaps the handles could go over Jane Birkin's arms, she's so skinny!
  10. i have been told it was intended to be a crook bag. the hac is hard to get there when in winter attire
  11. LOL well i was referring more to me i guess!!!!! no, people in general...well i didn't mean any of YOU obviously....(attempting to take my foot out of mouth here). Am i the only one who can't get it on my shoulder?????
  12. I read this somewhere (can't remember the source though):

    I also heard that Jane (allegedly) said to Dumas that Kelly was too PITA to use as an every day bag that's why she wanted two handles.
  13. LOL HC! No, you are definitely not the only one who can't get it on your shoulder--unless I really move comfort out of the equation and want a tourniquet of sorts around my arm--but no thanks!
  14. phew! thanks orchids :biggrin: