How the beauties are made

  1. I know you all love your H bags (those of you who have them, not moi), and I really hope that one day I will get to experience them too (I've decided when i'm 35, so in 9 years). I've found a really interesting blog detailing how an H bag is made. Enjoy!
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  3. Very interesting, loved the photos and the details. Thanks for sharing!
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  10. Excellent! I was explaining the silk-screen printing (even mentioned Andy Warhol) to DH last week. This article is better than my explanations!
  11. Great reading, loved it! I didn't know you could "store" a Birkin by hanging it on 2 hooks!
  12. Thank you for sharing the links. Very interesting reads.
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  14. Thanks so much for sharing - H is art