How Tall is the Tallest Person You Ever Saw?


Shub Niggurath
Dec 4, 2011
I was reading this article about the giant man spotted at the North Korean leader's funeral and I got to thinking. My brother who is about 6' 6" - 6' 7" told me he saw a woman at a shopping center who was "way bigger than him". I would only use the expression "way bigger" to describe someone who is at least 5" taller. So this woman was probably 6' 11" or something. What would that be, 1 in a million or something?:shrugs:


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina
I don't know what the odds would be for a woman to be that tall. We attended the NCAA college basketball Final Four tournament one year; at a shopping center the day before the finals, we almost bumped into several of the U of Illinois players. I think a couple of them were close to 7 ft tall. The rest were all taller than average too. Made me feel like a midget and I'm average for a female American (5'5").


Jun 10, 2006
Way Down Yonder
I had a boyfriend is college who was 6'4", but even he was dwarfed by Shaquille O'Neal, who we'd see on campus at LSU. So I guess the Shaq is the tallest person I've ever seen in person.

Funny story: one day my friend was walking on campus and literally ran into Shaq. She says she didn't see him. How do you NOT see Shaq?! :lol:


Jan 1, 2012
Lol, how do you miss Shaq? That's hilarious.

In the 7th grade the assistant teacher for one of my classes was 7'1". It was awkward because if he was standing behind you, when you turned around your head was by his junk.


Jul 1, 2010
in college (St. John's) we would spot the basketball players on campus here and there (I'm guessing they were all 6'4 and above). I'm not sure why, but they were seldom seen on campus..maybe they just spent their days in the field house all day.


May 24, 2009
Left Coast, USA
A former boss of mine used to do publicity for The Harlem Globetrotters. We worked at an alternative school, so whenever the Globetrotters were in our area, they would come and do something for the school. Some of those guys approaced 7 foot tall. It was sort of like being around people from another planet. I am only 5'2", so dwarfed is not the word.
I worked at a hospital ER for awhile and some pro baseball player came in with his daughter one night, he was probably 6'5" or more. He was ****ed that I didn't know who he was and kowtow appropriately! LOL Hey, it's the ER, dude, triage is all and an ear infection in a 4 year old does not ***** broken bones and heart attacks. Get over yourself. I don't even remember his name, but he played for the Oakland A's, I think?


only once you live
Dec 11, 2005
6'8ish volleyball player about a month ago.

Tallest date: 6'4" to my 5'2"ish. :biggrin:


Jul 23, 2011
the cornfields
There's this giant Native American (?) guy who works as a bouncer at several bars on campus where I went to undergrad...I've seen him working at 2 of them. He has to be 7+ 5'10 friend has hit on him more than once (after putting her beer goggles on), since she has a thing for extremely tall guys. He's also pretty, uh, rotund, though...


Sep 22, 2006
My DH is 6' 8", so I tend to have a pretty good grip on tall. There is another man in town who is significantly taller than he is, however. Conspicuously taller. So I would guess he is at least 7' 1" or so. We live in an area with a high Dutch population, and there are a fair number of men (and women!) who are well over 6' tall. I know that when I see someone that I notice as REALLY tall, they must be right around 7' or taller because 6' 8" is pretty average to me now.
I'm 6'1" and always in 4"+ heels, so I guess my perception is a bit scewed. :biggrin: I've dated as tall as 7'. I can't say I ever noticed anyone taller than the 7' people I've dated or known from the men's basketball team (I dated a 6'9" player, but he had teammates that stood 7'.)

Tallest female would be 6'3".