How Tall Are Ya ???

  1. How tall are you ? I'm 5 ft 5inch
  2. 5'0 !

    High shelves are the bane of my existance.
  3. i'm 5'2ish :Push:
  4. 6'. I like my height, average I suppose...
  5. 5 ft so dang.. I hate it.. all my siblings are much much taller than me so I don't know how it happened....
  6. 5'9
  7. 5'6". almost.
  8. Another shortie here...I just barely make five feet! :nuts:
  9. I'm 5'5
  10. :biggrin: lol! I am 5'1" and often have to step on chairs to reach the cupboards in my kitchen! but being short has its advantages too!
  11. 5'1
  12. Another 5'5" girl here:P
  13. I'm 5'2"...the shortest of my family.
  14. :shame:
  15. 5'5" :amuse:
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