How Symmetrical does Coach get?

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  1. Hi, last December I bought the Carly Signature Pouch from the Coach store in Valley Fair (California), and I looked at it the other day and realised that the C's on the bottom don't really line up. Does this matter so much? :sad: Otherwise I really love the bag, it's my favourite at the moment.
  2. I dont know... I tend to avoid bags where the C's dont line up... But I'm sure since it came from an actual Coach boutique that its ok...

    Can you post pics? Or maybe post then them to the Authenticate This thread? I'm sure someone here has that bag and they can advise you as to whats going on with theirs...

    Does anyone have this bag?
  3. I would like to see a picture also. Are you talking about the very bottom of the bag or just the fronts at the bottom, hmm..does that make sense?
  4. I have a Carly too and the C's on the bottom aren't lined up perfectly either. I wish I took a better look at the bottom, I would have grabed another one.
  5. I just bought my first Carly recently.
    Just checked, the bottom of mine look like gigantic Cs the way it sewn together, which looks fine. I'm still undecided about this bag though. It's really cute (I have the Khaki/Beet), but I am more drawn to leather. This is only the 2nd bag with the C's that I have. I'll have to ponder it for awhile.