How sweet is this?

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  1. Damn, if RM hasn't done it again. This may be my favorite RM of all time. It seems a little more structured than the MAM so I love it and it's a roomy little thing. The only bad thing is the worthless side pockets but Oh well....I'll forgive them this time.

  2. It is gorgeous!
  3. Your flame looks great lexie, glad you're loving it!
  4. That's a gorgeous bag! What color is that called?
  5. i love that bag!! it is so pretty ....use it well lexie!!
  6. Oh, that is so pretty!
  7. i love the detailing, modeling pics please!! :smile:
  8. Are there studs on the back as well Lexie? I love the look of the flame but I am not sure how many stud bags I should have!
  9. Love that bag! Great color and the studs are stunning:biggrin:
  10. Happy to hear your love for an RM design again, Lexie! I love it in Royal!
  11. Yes....studs on both sides. I hate when they only put studs on one side of the bag. Bottom is plain leather. I was going to get it in brown but I'm glad I got this instead. The Royal compliments the studs nicely. Very weird tho that the side pockets only extend halfway down the side of the bag. I fit some mints on one and some lip balm and lip tub in another. I rather like the outside pockets to fit keys and Iphone.
  12. It's really cute and I like the studs with that color.
  13. Pretty! What a great choice.
    It's beautiful!
  14. I love the linear studding on Royal best of all!! It's so pretty! Congrats Lexie!
  15. Everything about that bag is awesome (except of course for the side pockets!) I WANT!