How sturdy are pouch clips?

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  1. Ok, I need to know how sturdy the clips are on key pouches.I want to get a vernis key pouch or Emp pouch for my mini Pochette and since they don't seem to fit in one it will need to hang from the outside.I am of course worried that it may fall off my bag or a thief may take it off my bag. How reliable are the clips on these items?

    I am also thinking of what colour to get.Since Indian rose isn't on the website to order I was thinking of either Cherry or fuchsia.Anyone have any irl pics to share to help me decide? Are there any other colours in the uk for the Emp key pouches? It seems to be a bit limited for choice? Tia.
  2. They're pretty durable and I haven't had any issues whatsoever. Unless you're doing a Batman and throwing it at people's heads to stop crime then you'll be fine...if for whatever reason the clip begins to tarnish/discolour or becomes a little loose then LV can easily repair.
  3. The clips are very durable. However the way the clip is attached to the cles makes the biggest difference. Vernis & Empriente are very secure. The canvas pieces are less so.
  4. Thanks.

    I want a pop of colour in my bags, so i don't want a canvas one.... at least for now!

    What colours do you girls have?
  5. I have vernis cerise (cherry), which is a nice pop of color. You can also look at magenta. For empreinte, look at Cerise, Poppy and grape if you can get your hands on one.