How strong is *** Tape?

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  1. I have seen a gorgeous dress but it's pretty low cut halter style I don't think I'd be able to get a bra to go under it I think I remember reading somewhere a long time ago you can use the tape to tape yourself into the shape (ie Cleavage) so to speak is the tape strong enough to do this and will it hold or is it really just stop wardrobe malfunctions

    those tape bars don't go up to my size (I don't least they never used too)
  2. I dont think the tape is very strong actually..Ive used it..LOL
    I usually go braless and wear those nipple tapes..LMAO....(the NEW girls r quite perky so they dont need any of yet..hehe)

    PS-Saks.COM carries the nipple tape concealers online...
  3. i have used duct tape (gray/silverishcolor)...yup....i did and i have big breasts and i need support. I don't know how i had the balls to do it but i taped myself up looked like i had a bra when i had to take it off it( peeledit off) didn't bother me except the nipple area, i did it VERY VERY slow oh and i was dancing the whole night and was worried if i started to sweat it might start to peel off but it stayed put

  4. LOL the thing us girls do!
  5. ^OMG. You're a brave girl! :wtf:

  6. That is an awesome idea!!! So ALL over, huh? Like a whole duct tape bra! I will try that next weekend in Athens!!! lol
  7. i don't have big boobs, so mostly i go bra less :p
    but i do have hmmm quite obvious nipples LOL so i use a tape just for the nipple
  8. it can be done. iv got big boobs and iv done it before. the tape is strong. and la senza sell a liqiud glue which dries really quick.
  9. Let me know how it goes LOL. I need some tit tape as well!
  10. i've done this too a couple times. it works well and it's cheap.

    if you put bandaids over your nipples, it won't hurt when you remove the tape.
  11. Omg- genius! For a Halloween party i wore black electrical tape X'd over my nipples+boobs (was part of my costume, don't ask) and when i took it off near 16 hours later (stupid i know) everywhere where the tape was was totally red and iritated.. this was Saturday night.. my boobs are still inflamed. it's HORRIBLE. But i plan to do a photoshoot with the tape very soon and was trying to think of idea. this is perfect!
  12. I don't know how well it works on big racks, but I love the NuBra (the ultra light one). Stays in place, keeps the nips in check, and squishes the girls together for cleavage.