How strong is an H Belt?

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  1. I've had my H belt for a few months now, and having worn it a few times I'm just a little concerned about it's strength.

    I haven't damaged it or anything, it's just the leather is thinner than my other belts and I do tend to wear belts quite tightly.

    I was just wondering if they are stronger than they look, or if they are more for show?

    (or maybe I'm being neurotic, over-thinking this, and worrying WAY too much, as usual!)

    tia :heart:
  2. Depends on what you want to use it for. :graucho:

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    I don't know, but I've had mine and worn it for a while now and not a sign of wear on it.
  3. :lolots: Well I can't say that the thought hadn't crossed my mind. Although a silk scarf would be better. :P

    I dunno... I think I'm worried about stretching the hole that it fastens with.
  4. ^^^My epsom "holes" (IL don't touch that please!) are ok, but the togo holes are stretched. I use mine with jeans and they take a beating. I have one that has suede on one side and its a mess...but all three of mine are over a year old now and okay.
  5. My, um, buckle insertion points? are fine, but I wear one side more often than the other, so I have a definite "curve" worn into it in one direction so I have to put it on left-handed on the gold side and right-handed on the black side, if that makes any sense.

    And I agree. Silks ARE better. :biggrin:
  6. Personally, I think that if you are going to play, you should have a mix of silk and leather.
    That's all I'm going to say.

    But my belt has held up over the last year with moderate wear
  7. I meant as a "holding up the pants and creating a waist over a dress" device. Belts and Scarves-and-Mors-Rings are both good at that.

    What did you think I meant?
  8. Strong like bull:biggrin:
  9. DH has had his for over 8 years!!! He is very careless with his things and the belt still looks great to me. He had the buckle changed by H a couple of years ago though due to scratches.
  10. Mine is my very first H item, it is from 1993 and it was used a lot before it became mine 4-5 years ago, and I too use it alot. It holds up great, but yes a couple of the holes have stretched more than the others, but not to a point where I would worry. The buckle is actually the most beaten up part of the belt, with scratches and dents.

    And I totally agree about leather and silk :graucho:
  11. Thank you all for your advice. *goes off to buy some silk scarves* :graucho:

    And also for your advice on the belt issue. :P I guess I just have to stop being worried and use what I have.
  12. holes have stretched - box on one side, togo I think on the other.

    Vote for i90 silk twill folded on the bias for other recreational usage :biggrin:

    Diva, strong like a bull (there is no emoticon for what is going through my head right now)
  13. :d
  14. I remember it from "There's something about Mary":biggrin:
  15. You know 880 - we were all joking about it, but you're the only one who went into detail about the best way to fold, etc. Now why IS that? :biggrin: