How strict is Tiff. Co with their return policy?

  1. I purchased a gift for my friend and she's not coming out anymore so I was going to return or exchange it and I can go on Monday, which will be 3 days past the day on the receipt for 30 days and I really don't want to be out 160$ for a D necklace. I would keep it but well, my name doesn't start with D :/

    It's brand new and it's still all wrapped up, So I haven't even touched it.
  2. I am sure they will take it back just keep it wrapped. It probably wouldn't hurt to say that the event you purchased it for was cancelled. Leave the rest to their imagination. I have never had a problem with anything in the Tiffany's in Jersey.
  3. ^^^ Sounds like a good plan. If worse comes to worst, you can always exchange it for your initial...
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