How stiff are the embossed koobas?

  1. read quite a few posts here about how stiff the embossed leather siennas (and probably scarletts) are, but i haven't seen any in real life n can't really imagine the stiffness. i don't mind if it's a little stiffer than the smooth leather but is it as stiff or worse than the pebbled ones? think i read lexie's post in other thread that wearing hers was like wearing a board. is it that bad? :wtf:

    m thinking of getting an embossed scarlett, but will it be like carrying a little paper/ cardboard/ straw/ wooden bag under your arm? :sad:
  2. The embossed Scarlett's are pretty stiff... Yes, more stiff than the peppled leather by far. I've never owned one of these, so I don't know how it wears over time. I've tried them on in the store though, Stiffy McStiff.
  3. I own an emobossed Sienna, it is a bit stiff but I don't feel like I'm carrying a board under my arm. I would probably say that it has given in a bit but I've only have it for about a month. I definitely like the fact that its a bit more structured and I can find things easier as opossed to my Elisha where I have to digg around to find anything.

    Hope this helps!
  4. That is true. If you want a more structured Boxy type bag that doesn't fold upon itself, then this would be good.
    I was thinking last night and just recalled that the Pebbled Seinna bag I had did make a noise. I wouldn't call it a squeak but just sound that indicated unyeilding leather was trying to be moved. Maybe this is a good thing to some people.
  5. You know girls, stiff is good in some cases *s .....but not in leather bags.

    I have tried on the embossed Siennas at Off 5th and did not care for the box-like feel of the leather. I like a soft hand, like an old leather jacket....this Sienna is not that.
  6. I will be able to answer this question better later this week. I originally purchased an Embossed Sienna from NM but I returned it. It was definitely very stiff. I should be receiving my smooth leather in olive this week so I will be able to make a better comparison.
  7. thanks a lot for your replies guys.

    i think i have a better idea of its stiffness. i actually wouldn't mind a more structured bag. (haha... just realised saying a bag is structured sounds much nicer than saying it's stiff.) i'm not expecting it to have the soft leather so i don't think i'll be disappointed that it's stiffer than the smooth leather siennas.

    i've got a really nice n soft carla n i do have trouble sometimes finding things in it too. but guess cos it's a rather roomy bag as well.

    will the embossed sienna or scarlett become softer the more you wear it i wonder...
  8. I think it will. Like I said before I've only had my embossed Sienna for about a month and I think it has given in a bit already. I don't think it will ever get tot he point were its so loose it looses shape but then again I don't think its a cardboard.
  9. thanks jessie. ur feedback is very encouraging. i feel like getting the embossed scarlett even more now. :smile:
  10. I own an embossed sienna and i love her...she is definitely stiff, though. I like her becasue she will stand up by herself and also she is very durable. I normally really like buttery soft leather, but I love the design of the embossed sienna. Also...the leather is stiff, but still really nice leather.
  11. There is something to be said about a bag that will stand up while you are rooting through it.
  12. When I saw this bag in the store I nearly fainted.
    hehe. I think it's a gorgeous bag. I remember it to be stiff, but I liked that. Does anyone know how it holds up after some wear and tear? Does it get more pliable?

    I still want one of these bags...
  13. i think i'm going to bid for one of the embossed scarletts currently on eBay. which do u think is nicer? the black or brown? i like them both :confused1: currently the black one seems more popular with more bids.
  14. I don't know. I assume they would a bit. I got rid of mine very quickly when I didn't like the feel of it. It is gorgeous though.

    If I was going to get an embossed I'd get the black. The brown looks too orange-y to me. I think the black would take you further.
  15. Unless you already own too many black bags...

    I don't know which shade of brown you are getting, I saw 2 different embossed ones at off 5th. I don't like the lighter one which is the one that I think Lexie is talking about. I have the darker brown and I absolutely love it. Even after reading about so many people returning theirs and not liking it!! (maybe I'm a weirdo!)

    Good luck whatever you decide. :p