How soon would you like to see a multicolor lockit?

  1. I would like to see one this year since its the anniversary, but I'll settle for Spring 2008! :tender:
  2. whoa. that might be kinda hot. btw LOVE your avatar and sn! very cute!
  3. I prefer to see a damier one.....I asked my SA about S/O one and she said it was not possible....I hope they release all the sizes of lockits too in a variety of ranges:tup:
  4. I just imagine this, but a lot bigger!!! :drool:

  5. hmm thinking about the mini lockit that was in mc...i think it would be very cute. but i wonder what kind of hardware would be added.
  6. man...that would be sooo friggin hot!!
  7. That'd be cute. :yes:
  8. Indeed this would be one hot bag!

    LVoeLV Thank you, when I first saw it I had to make it my desktop, its the sweetest little picture!
  9. I would buy it- it would be waaaay pretty!!
  10. Would be HOT!
  11. def, I would but it!!
  12. ohhhh....i would buy it!
  13. I can imagine them blinging out the top and around the edge of the the Almas.
  14. What are they waiting for, set a launch date already!!! :p
  15. I would LOVE it!! I would love it more if it were the same size as the Suhali Lockit MM!!