How soon will you be informed of Hermes 2007 Theme?

  1. So, Hermes has a annual theme etc and this year is Hermes in the air. Just how soon will your SA inform you of the theme for 2007, and when will the collection for SS 2007 be made available for viewing on the internet? So far, I have only seen the Men's collection for SS2007. RTW SS 2007 is still not available.
  2. Rumor is the theme for next year is "The Year of Dance".
  3. WOW, HG. You are the best!

    Wonder when the cadenas would hit the stores?!!!
  4. It's not a rumour...
    Check the cover of the refills for agenda for the next year....

  5. You all are so good. :yes: So the cadena would be? A....dancer? :lol:
  6. I'm curious about the cadena too.
  7. As long as it's not a cute animal (like Mr. Hippo) I'm probably safe...maybe. ;)
  8. I'm usually not that into animal themed things but I adore the hippo. Does anyone know which cadenas are generally still available at the stores and approximate cost?
  9. My gold Hippo was $285. The prices differ depending on which one it is. When DH got my hippo (about a month or so ago) they also had the elephant, ship, heart, and pegasus. :flowers:

  10. checkout Vogue they have RTW SS 2007 but hermes trunk show will be on 06/10.. so you wont find it in the list..not yet
  11. Great info. You all are so good!
  12. Fabulous info! I can't wait to see the first 2007 cadena posted here.
  13. oh that's interesting. do you know what the price range is?
  14. I just had this conversation with the Palm Beach SA. She said it was the Year of Dance but did not know what the cadena would be and said that this years ship did not come out early in 2006. They had available the pegasus, hippo ($285), the oval map & the sail boat ($330).
  15. I'm not sure what the entire price range is but I know the elephant was about $100 less than the hippo. :flowers: