How soon did you feel like having a 2nd child after your 1st?

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  1. I felt like having another one 4 months after the first was born ! But I decided that waiting would be a better option due to all the financial commitments. I'm hoping that we can start trying for another one again mid next year when #1 would be 1.5 yrs old.
  2. as u can tell from my sig i wanted a 2nd one right away. :smile: my kids will be 15 mo apart. i'm currently a SAHM and i wanted to have 2 close together, stay home for a bit then go back to work once 2nd one finished nursing. i like the idea of having 2 close together so they could play together. plus i wanted to go back to work soon yet i didn't want to deal with maternity leave at a new job, pumping at work etc..also didn't want to deal sick infant in daycare etc as it woudl be difficult for us since we have no family around to help.
  3. Great Thread. I am not sure there will be a number 2 in my future. I have always wanted 2 children but would like them to be 2 to 3 years apart and I am 34 and I am not sure I want to start trying at 37. I mean I may change my mind when my LO gets older but we'll just have to see how it all plays out.
  4. I'm not sure how we knew it was time, but we just did. Our kids are 25 months apart and I love it! They are now 13 & 11 and when we take trips they are interested in the same things so it is fantastic!

    And, Disneyland hasn't ever been a problem! :P Same rides!
  5. i wanted a second one straight away - LOL. they have 24 months between them. DS is 4, DD is 2.

    we are thinking about number 3 but I said that this will only happen when DD is at least 4. I can't handle again two kids in diapers and a full-time job. this was truly the most exhausted I have ever been
  6. DS is 8 months old right now and we're trying for another :smile: My brother and I are just a year apart - and it was so wonderful growing up together so close in age. We went to the same schools, had the same teachers, friends, etc. So really want my children to experience the same.
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    DD was about 10 mos when I wanted another one. However I did not want two in diapers so I waited till dd was 2 to try again. Luckily, dd was quick at PT. They are about 28 mos apart.
  8. Instantly! Right after I gave birth to #1, I was itching for more! I really liked the experience!
    However, my 2nd came 9 years later after the 1st, then the 3rd followed 4 years later, and the 4th 2 years later ('breastfeeding' contraception surprise LOL)
    Best of luck to you!