How soon did you feel like having a 2nd child after your 1st?

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  1. And if you did have the 2nd child, what's the age difference?
  2. Mine is 4 months and I am dying for a second already. We are going to wait until she is at least a 12-18 months before we start trying for #2.
  3. my 'plan' was to have the kids so that there would be 2-3 years between them. I had hoped for 2.5 years= and that is what it worked out to be!!!
  4. I didn't have time to even think about it. We had to use fertility drugs to get our first pregnancy. I quit breastfeeding our first baby at 6 months and got pregnant the following month. I didn't even learn that I was pregnant with number 2 until I was 3 months along.
  5. We did IVF for # 1 and had frozen embryos left over. When my first was 12 months I had the frozen embryo transfer and had my second. They are 20 months apart because my son was a month early.

    They are the best of friends and are close in age so they like the same toys, shows, friends, etc.

    I recall setting up the frozen transfer when my first was 9 months.
  6. We relied on fertility meds . . .
    After DD was born it was 3.3 yrs before the twins came. Good timing for us, I needed a potty trained child before having to change twins' diapers!
  7. I also have a 4 month old and would love to have another ASAP! We're going to wait the recommended year to try again, and hopefully have the second so that they are about 2 years apart.
  8. After a year. I wanted to have my kids close in age. We got pregnant with #2 when #1 was 13 months old. By the time #2 came, #1 was just 22 months old. With #3, it was about the same. #1 was 4 yrs old, #2 was 2 yrs old (28 months to be exact) when baby #3 came along.
  9. We planned on having children two to two and a half years apart, so we started trying again when our first was almost 2. Our first two are 28 months apart, and our last is 20 months younger than the second. We wanted all of the diapers and strollers and baby things done within a shorter period of time so that when those things were done they were DONE!
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    Good thread! My baby just turned 1 and I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Our plan is to try next summer (making them 2 1/2 years apart), but 9 more months seems like a long time to wait before trying for #2.
  11. Well for me I didn't want to be preggers after 35 so I knew it would be soon after the 1st. We started really talking when DS was 34-15 months and that month it happened. They will be about 23 months apart.
  12. Soon! Like a when #1 was a year old.

    It worked out wo planning that #1 was 25 mo. when #2 was born.

    #3 is due in the month between their birthdays, too.

    So it'll be 4, 2, and newborn for us, here, too. It's nice to see how many it's worked out for. We also had them close together to finish up the baby business. I want to clear out my storage unit of baby stuff, stat! And dipes and wiping butts?!
  13. When my baby boy was around 6 months, I was thinking of another one. Now that he's 17 months, I am thinking hard whether we should have 2. I just love him too much that I don't want to share my love. Am I nuts??
  14. There is nothing wrong with having an only child. Each person needs to do what works best for their families. I believe that a parent always has enough love to share with more than one child, but some families are content and complete with one child, and no one should pressure them to change their minds. But if fear of being able to love another child as much is the ONLY reason someone doesn't want another child, I would say that should not be a fear at all.
  15. Mine are 10 years apart...but I'm hoping to have a 2-3 year gap between #2 & #3...that should give DF enough time to forget about the sleepless nights! :lol: