How soon can I re-dye my hair?

  1. Hi Girls/Guys!

    I colored my hair last night using Feria. I do not like the results and would like to re-dye my hair a darker color. How soon would you suggest, I can re-dye my hair without damaging it too much? (FYI, this is is the first time I have colored my hair in about a few years) Any advice is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. I think you can safely color your hair in a couple of weeks again, as long as you treat your hair well! (Always use a leave-in conditioner and use a hair mask every week).
  3. I probably shouldn't say this, but I've recolored mine again immediately and had no problem. You might try it with a color from Sally's using a 10 volume peroxide, rather than using a drugstore color kit. A 10 volume deposits color, where a 20, 30, 40, 50 strips color, and is more damaging.
  4. ^^^
    ITA. a 10 volume would be fine, especially since you are just darkening. The 10 volume will only deposit. I think Feria comes with either a 20 or 30 volume (I can't remember which) but that will be more damaging than just the 10. I've also colored my hair right again right after coloring it and I didn't have problems. But like DiorKiss said, be sure to baby it and use a good leave in :smile: Good luck, and I hope you find the color you are looking for! :smile:
  5. This is probably not the best advice, but I've immediately colored my hair right after and it turned out great. I have really strong hair, not prone to breakage or split ends, so maybe that's why. If you have really weak or damaged hair maybe you should wait a few weeks.
  6. i've recolored right away too. it came out fine!
  7. A few years ago, I had my hair died 3 times in a week (trying to correct the initial color). I think it helps if you're going darker Vs. lighter in terms of lifting the color.... I think it's gentler.
  8. Thanks so much for the advice ladies!:smile: It's totally appreciated. :heart: I will try a 10 volume from Sally this week!
  9. So have I. I just wrote in another thread how I dyed my hair 5 times in a week and a half (long story lol). Surprisingly my hair was in the same condition as it was before all of the dyeing!

    It's a lot easier to go dark than it is to go light, so you should be just fine dyeing your hair again immediately. The instructions or the company that makes the dye will probably tell you to wait a week or two before redyeing, but this usually applies more if you're trying to go lighter, as it's really really difficult to lighten hair that's been darkened with dye.

    From my personal experience, you can dye your hair right now with no problems. If it puts you more at ease, use deep conditioners for a few days just to be sure your hair "recovers".
  10. I think you should try washing out the old dye first with a good clarifying shampoo (several times!). Right after would have been best. I also have dyed my hair twice in the same day and it was ok. Just make sure you treat it well (lots of good conditioner)!
  11. well i wanted to ask what if you want the same color dye but it just is noticeable at the roots not really the bottom or anything. how long can i wait till i redye the same color?
  12. Before I started having it done at a salon there were many times I redid it the same day with no problem. Just be sure to condition really well.
  13. Hi girls, just wondering if anyone can give me some good advice on a problem I'm having. I have been dying my hair monthly with box dyes from the store with a reddish/brown dye. One day I switched to a diff brand/more red tones color, and did not fit me well, so I decided to purchase the L'oreal haircolor remover box, used that and than redid my color immediately after(which it says to do) in a different box color-the perfect 10 clairol box cinnamon red/auburn 4R color and it turned out a little too red AGAIN! I keep messing up, and feel embarrassed to have to re-dye. I really would like to just buy a deep brown color to just cover it up and be done with the red tones in general. Is there a way i could dye it for a 3rd time(4 including the haircolor remover I used) in over a matter of of a couple weeks? Please let me know, i'd appreciate ANY advice! and would the deep brown dye ok over a reddish color? or do i have to use the haircolor remover again? so frustrated.
  14. I'm sure if you can avoid dying it too frequently, that is best. That said, I have re-dyed mine the next day due to a colorist issue. I could not even stand to look at it, so I went to another salon the very next day. Believe it or not, I even took off work to get it done. It was a horrible dye job and it was back in the times where I had more highlights. I couldn't even stand to look at it. I didn't even sleep that night. It was majorly messed up.
  15. You can lighten the red or tone it down using Prell or Head and Shoulders shampoo, I did a search on this when my dye job a few weeks ago was too red, H&S worked great, I only needed to wash it once and then I deep conditioned and the color is more natural looking for me now.