how soon after you pay do u expect contact from seller?

  1. hey,

    I won and paid for a bag on thursday night, 4/ is sunday, and i haven't heard back from the seller regarding the shipping.. You know how it is when you're waiting for a new bag right?

    so i emailed her on friday night to ask when she thinks she might be able to send it... no response still... i'm thinking maybe cuz its the weekend and all... the person is a pf'er also... so i'm gonna try to be patient...

    but it's so hard to wait!!!!!! i want my bag!!!
  2. I always write to my buyers as soon as they pay. I thank them and then tell them when the package is going out. Its just common courtesy. As a buyer, if I don't hear from the seller within 24 hours of sending payment, I write and ask them if they received it and then request the tracking number from the package.
  3. Yes I do the same, it is just common courtesy!
  4. within 24 hours I hope to get some kind of acknowledgement that my payment has been received and that my bag will be mailed out soon.
  5. I do exactly the same thing.
  6. Some sellers don't correspond at all, they just send the merchandise. So I really wouldn't be concerned if I didn't hear from one. A lot of them work full time jobs and are really busy etc. Communication is nice but it isn't required by eBay as long as they send the item in the time allotted.
  7. Give her until Monday...sometimes sellers don't check e-mail on the weekend. If she doesn't respond on Monday, I think it's downright rude. It's always nice when a seller is professional and courteous by sending an e-mail within 24 hours of payment receipt thanking you the buyer and giving you info on when shipment will occur, but to not answer a direct e-mail question is unacceptable. If you paid through paypal, check your transaction...the shipping tracking link may be there. When I do click and ship via paypal, I always write a thank you note to my buyer in the comments section. They are supposed to receive this tracking info along with my thank you note in an automated e-mail from paypal. I'm finding more and more though these e-mails sometimes go into the spam section of the buyer's e-mail and they think I have not communicted with them. Best of luck to you!
  8. Communication with me is very important. I communicate with my sellers and buyers IMMIEDIATELY when payment is exchanged.

    I would love for everyone else to be this way, but I know people arent. Sometimes life just gets in the way of eBay business.

    I would give her a few days. Then respond with a friendly email. Something like "Hello, just checking to make sure you got my payment and that everything is ok. I was also wondering when you would be shipping this out. I want to make sure I know when to look for it, as Im very excited to receive it!"
  9. I always make communications with my buyer within 24 hrs in receipt of the payment. I would thank them for their payment and let them know when their items will be ship.
  10. I´m kind of annoyed at the moment, because I bought a bag last tuesday. The seller emailed me twice right after the auction ended to ask when and how I was going to pay. I responded about 15 minutes later that I just paid by paypal and asked when she would be able to ship the bag , but she hasn´t replied anything :cursing:

    Oh and another seller hasn´t replied since wednesday when I asked about shipping/payment after I won her item. She´s a pf:er too, maybe DRSM and have the same seller?
  11. To be honest, I'm starting to not expect any contact at all :yucky:

    It has just become too common on eBay to only get that standard eBay End of Item eMail, but no direct contact with the seller whatsoever. I really hate that :cursing:

    I won and paid for a pair of shoes on April 20th and have yet to hear whether they have shipped or not :sad: It's just really annoying, especially when the seller is in another country and there's no real way to get hold of them except eBay/eMails, kwim?
  12. I too am an obsessive communicator and feel really bad if I can't get to a computer to acknowledge payment within 24 hours and also let the buyer know about dispatch etc. However, I have found lots of perfectly good sellers who don't take my line and simply send the item. I don't like it because I am a chatterbox who loves the relationships, however transient, that come about on Ebay, but I can see that for some, particularly larger, more business-oriented sellers, they might not have the time nor the inclination to contact buyers routinely. A shame, but I do understand it given the range of people selling on Ebay.

  13. I argee. The seller is being a slow poke and should have responded sooner! I try to send the invoice asap and then I let them know when I have received the payment and then again when the item has shipped. But I am not always by the computer when the auction ends so sometimes it takes me a few hours, but not a few days!!! Or if I am going to be out of town around the time the auction ends, I always put that info in the listing. But that's just me! I tend to talk too much and can be too now in this message:nuts: .

    I have encountered soooo many different personalities from Ebayers. Hopefully by now you have received communication!
  14. yup, I feel the same way .... when I'm buying/selling I keep people updated every step of the way, but I can understand that some people (especially huge eBay shops, etc) simply don't bother with "being nice", kwim? As long as it's professional, I absolutely don't mind. I had lots of great transactions where I paid, never heard a word of the seller but had the item withing 3 days.

    However having to wait without hearing a word really gets to me and is just plain unprofessional/rude IMHO :push:
  15. I have been buying and selling on ebay for well over 7 years, and it's rare that I get and email or message from a seller. It doesn't bother me as long as I get my item within 7 days from the date I paid for it. It's not an issue for me. I try and contact my buyers several times:

    *I send an invoice
    *I thank them for their winning bid
    *I let them know when I received payment
    *I send tracking info

    I treat my buyers the way I would like to be treated. We are buying from strangers, we send our money to strangers. A polite email would be nice.