How soon after the bloody show (dropping of the mucous plug) did you go into labor?

  1. Very curious because the doctor on call at the hospital told me it's between 1 day to 1 week, but my OB told me that the bloody show is not a good indicator of when I will give birth. The answer's particularly important to me because I'm suppose to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. I thought I could do it because it's a little more than 3 weeks before my EDD. However, the doctor I saw at the hospital after I had my bloody show was pretty insistant that I cancel Thankgiving dinner because I'd most likely be giving birth before then.
  2. Again, it's "who knows", but HONESTLY WHO let you host Thanksgiving when you are enormously pregnant? If you give birth or not before then, you SHOULD NOT be wearing yourself out. My midwife gave me the BEST advice when I was pregnant with DS #1. She said to me when I said I was still working and going to grad school a few weeks before the baby was due, "You never know when you will go into labor, so make sure you are well-rested and not doing too much. Labor is a lot of work and your body will work with you more if you are rested enough for labor. Plus, unlike most times in your life, you can't recuperate at your speed, but your baby's speed since now you have him to take care of too."

    Also, your EDD is just that ESTIMATED DUE DATE. You are term now - you can go into labor now and it's not considered EARLY, but a baby to term - 37-42 weeks. Don't get hung up on the actual due date. Both my kids were born around 38 weeks and were DONE - one was 10 lbs 9 ozs, 22 inches long and the other was 11 lbs 14 ozs. and 22 inches long.... They didn't need to be in there longer! LOL

    So,I took my midwife's advice and I started taking a day off from work every week and if I felt super tired, I would take an additional half day too. (I wasn't going back to work, so I wasn't hoarding time).

    Therefore, my advice to you is, don't tax yourself so much with making a big dinner. It's not wise and I'm glad you got your bloody show to put some sense into your head!

    For what it's worth, my book said after bloody show labor can be imminent or 3 weeks away - it just can't be known for sure! (For me, #1 I had blood show and two hours later I was in labor. #2, I started labor with no bloody show).
  3. The plug regenerates, so it's not a good indicator of labor coming unless you actually feel labor pains. For example, when the doctor checks your cervix for dilation, you will most often have a little bloody show if they are a little more agressive. This sometimes induces labor/contractions but sometimes it does not.

    Good luck to you Smurfet!
  4. Dont you worry about Thanksgiving dinner. I cant believe someone didnt assume that responsiblility for you, tsk tsk.

    Mine came out gradually over 2 weeks. My friend's came out all at once, right away her water broke & contractions started. It really isnt a good indicator of when you will go into labor. It just tells you, you can go into labor at anytime. Same thing with effacement & dilation. Some women get so hung up on it. E&D only tells you your body is getting ready, not when.
  5. I've had the plug gone, been dilated to 4cm and mostly effaced for some time now. I am due to be induced the day after Thanksgiving because I am so far gone my labor is nearly guaranteed to be swift and I live an hour from the hospital. But I haven't even really had any BH contractions in 2 days. I'm still plannning on some kind of Thanksgiving. If you feel up to Thanksgiving, I would do it.
  6. Again, I wouldn't do it. Making something small for your family is ONE thing, being a host to a BIG shebang is another. Standing on your feet for HOURS, slaving in the kitchen is hard enough on a nonpregnant body, but with that big belly? Standing for long stretches is not even recommended. You must be in a nesting phase yourself to say it's OK! LOL

    For what it's worth, I was dilated 6 cm, 80 % effaced and I still was in labor for 13 hours after that check (was in labor for about 9 hours before that check).

    With my second born, I was 6 cm and 80 % effaced when the broke my bag of water (I had already started contracting on my own, but they wanted the baby born because of blood pressure rising and big baby). I was in labor for 7 hours for that birth.

    Unless you have given birth before and know how your body reacts to labor, you cannot know how long it will take. It could be VERY fast, it could be slow. My sister was FAST, I was slow and she's the petite build in the family!
  7. Thanks everyone for your helpful responses!

    I should have clarify that I was not making Thanksgiving dinner. (God knows no one would ever want to eat anything I can make.) We have a cater and servers. Luckily we also have a housekeeper to help with the clean up. So, I'm not sure I have evil, inconsiderate friends who are "letting" me make them dinner. LOL!

    I was just afraid that I'd go into labor and miss the whole thing altogether. It wouldn't make sense to have the cater with his team here if I was in the hospital. Plus, I have to cancel the contract and pay a penalty if I decide not to use the cater.

    Thanks so much again everyone!
  8. Well, girl, that is WAY different! I would say have the Thanksgiving. I mean, how will you feel if you are still pregnant, looking at that tummy and a penalty paid and no dinner plans.

    Believe me, paying that fine or cancelling last minute will seem MUCH more worth it if you are in labor or have given birth.

    As long as you are NOT cleaning and cooking that meal, then I say go for it. it will give you something to look forward too. Of course, if you have already cancelled, that's another story, but I would not cancel just because the doctor said it will happen. I have YET to hear of a doctor that could accurately predict a baby's birth. I think they guess just because it's fun.

    I've known women COMPLETELY closed up and gone into labor the night the doctor said it won't happen for weeks yet and women who walked around 3-5 cm dilated for weeks when the doctor said, "it will happen in a day or two". They just don't know!
  9. Thanks berryblondeboys! You are too funny! Yes, I wouldn't have to do too much work, but there's some inherent stress in being the host. Hence, the question in the first place. But, it sounds like the bloody show is not a good indicator of when labor would happen. That's good to know.