How some sellers on eBay think regarding fakes.

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  1. I asked a seller to post actual pics of a couple of their Coach listings as they are currently using stock photos.
    I wanted the a pic of the creed and I was told that they could tell me what was written on the creed! I then asked for photos (again!) and was told that when they have time they will post pics. I then said I needed them because of all the fakes on eBay and was sent this reply;

    So it seems to me that this seller thinks that if it's a cheaper price they can list it as an authentic Coach bag and it's the buyer's fault if they believe the listing to be true!
  2. Unreal. I don;t do ebay b/c i have heard MUCH of what is on there is fake. I guses i AM skeptical if it is a good deal but i would not say it's ok...something i do think happens though. Of course they should not say authentic. ugh
  3. What they're doing is trying to discredit the real sellers because you know they sell fakes. What then, would be the purpose of authenticating a bag? Yes, there are some good fakes (I even bought one and am sending it back), but there are way more real bags out there than the fakes. I would report their entire business if I were you.
  4. I reported the listing to eBay but I've done that before and they've done nothing whatsoever about it.
    Can I do anything else?

  5. People believe they can buy a bag for 1/10 of the price because bags are listed for 1/10 of the price. Buyers aren't the problem. This seller makes me mad. :cursing:
  6. It is free to set up a photobucket account. Shame on people who can't post a few photos of their items.

    I have the account that costs, but it is so cheap that it is well worth it.
  7. its ridiculous, I post 10 pics on average of anything I sell, clothes, purses, shoes, etc.

    I think it helps my sales to show more pics
  8. I agree - I know when i'm shopping on ebay, I always pay more attention to the people who have lots of pics of their item. I feel that seller understands what I, the buyer, am looking for. :tup:
  9. I just wanted to put my two cents in regarding this. I, as a seller, (and a buyer), list bags for a low starting price. I would NEVER buy, sell, a fake...EVER. However, there are a couple of reasons I start at a lower opening bid. I have been selling on ebay for eons and have great feedback. But the main reason is that for some reason, the bidders really like the action. And what I mean by that, is for many on ebay who are buying, it's the spirit of competition. Why? I have no idea. I have found that I get a much higher price for bags when I start them low. Also, with the ridiculous insertion fees on ebay, it doesn't cost as much to list a bag. And when we are making small profits on ebay, every penny counts. Literally.
    As for pictures, I post 1. Why? Back to costs. Ebay charges more for each additional picture. And frankly, people who are familiar with me as a seller, know exactly what they are getting. And I am always happy to send additional pics via email.
    I can't speak for other sellers, but those are the reasons that I list bags with low opening bids and why I only post one picture.
    As for buying, I go through the seller's feedback with a fine tooth comb. I also check all their previous completed auctions, and current listings. If there is even a whiff of something fishy, I pass on the bag. Also, a big thing with me is how long someone has been selling on ebay. If they are a newbie, and have 20 Coach bags listed with stock photos, I run for the hills.
    You just have to be diligent and do your research. Believe me, I found out the hard way...
  10. That is ridiculous :rant: I also find that stuff sooo frustrating for those of us that try hard and sell authentic merchandise.. then we don't get our stuff sold or it doesn't go as high as it should. No matter what the subject there is always a group that makes the "real" people have to suffer.
  11. What I don't understand about ebay, is they never seem to go after the so obvious counterfeit sellers. Why is it we all have to relentlessly report items time and time again, and ebay does NOTHING! There is the WORST patchwork fake that has been bid up to $177.00 and I've reported reported, reported reported, and it's still there! It seems like ebay won't pull a listing that already has bids on it...what does that tell us...they don't care as long as ebay is getting their final value fees. :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
  12. I couldn't agree more. :tdown:
  13. :cursing:This is so frustrating and upsetting. I sincerely believe that the majority of handbags are not authentic. I, too, have reported bags - time and time again - and nothing is done about it. I don't know how this continues to happen. I have a bunch of new handbags and several that I'd like to get rid of to make room for the new....the thoughts of EBay makes my stomach hurt. I just can't deal. There are people selling one fake after another and can continue to do so, however; I will never sell my authentic bags, because I'm asking a reasonable price for them and because I have no 'feedback'.
    What a crock of poop.
  14. Maybe that's why they didn't pull the bag Rudegal won innocently...
    Sometimes capitalism stinks.
  15. Probably so. You should see some of the "Scribble" bags that have sold for over $100.00. It seems like ebay is only pulling ones that have no bids yet. If it's got a bid, they seem to just ignore it. Sheesh!