How Similar is 04 Khaki to 07 Vert Fonce?

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  1. VF seems a lot darker but what similarities would you say there are?

    i love the green/brown/gold variation of VF. is khaki at all like that? i saw a picture of it that looked almost like anis - but it WAS just the one picture!
  2. Vert Fonce is a really pretty color and to myself Khaki just isn't anything like Vert fonce. There isn't the brown in it and it isn't the prettiest color that Bal has done. Vert Fonce has great leather and can be in the brown family or the green and it changes with lighting and what you wear.
  3. thanks for your reply umimaddicted!

    oh dear.. i was thinking of letting go of my VF for khaki.. maybe a rethink's in order

    or p'raps i'll focus my energies on hunting down that ever-elusive "mint" apple... :P u are so SO lucky to have one!