How similar are Framboise & Fuschia in color?

  1. That is probably a silly question and I know Fuschia isn't made anymore but I have not seen the the Framboise in person.

    Is it more of a reddish or pink? How similar is it to the Fuschia?
  2. Fuschia is really bright.. framboise is a little more matted.. i wouldnt say its like red... its still pink.... just not HOT pink
  3. Thank you very much- that helps a lot
  4. I bought a framboise cles thinking it would somehow go with my Fuchsia Houston. It didnt. Framboise definitely has red to it. It doesnt have that irridescense that fuchsia has.
  5. framboise is like a creamy pink
    fuchsia is hot pink
  6. I consider Framboise to be a rich raspberry pink color. I believe it has gold undertones...whereas Fuchsia is hot pink, with blue undertones.
  7. framboise is more of a dusty pink, its really hard to describe... i dont think it sparkles as much as fuschia
  8. does anyone has both to put aside in a picture of her?
    i suck at explaining
  9. I Believe There May Be People On This Forum Who Have Both (Unfortunately Not Me!)....Hopefully, One Will See This.

    My Preference: Fuchsia!
  10. OK..IMO, the fuchsia is brighter and the framboise has more shimmer to it, like nailpolish. Pics will come momentarily.
  11. Sorry the pictures are so big but I hope these show the color difference decently..the Lexington and PTI are fuchsia and the Houston is framboise.



  12. I have a lot of fuchsia pieces and was excited when the frambroise was released. The frambroise is a very pretty color but it's not as bright as fuchsia. If you click on my signature link, it will bring you to my ebay about me page. There are pics of some of my fuchsia bags for comparison. :smile:
  13. Thanks for asking OP. I have often wondered about this as well. Gorgeous bags LVbabydoll!
  14. Lvbabydoll, those vernis pieces are GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  15. Thanks! I love them and I love using the fuchsia PTI with the framboise Houston. I also have another fuchsia PTI that's my mom's and she's never used it. Occasionally, I'll take it out and look at it and compare mine to it. I've used that wallet nearly every day for at least a year and it's still gorgeous. I think I want the zippy wallet in framboise too though since the PTI doesn't have as many card slots as I'd like (only 2.)