How should we go about purchasing Violet?

  1. I'm sure these are stupid questions, but I only have one BBag, and I bought it from another person. I have never bought Balenciaga from a store, so...

    Is BalNY the only place carrying Voilet right now? Is there a waiting list? Is there a chance of them selling out? Do you think my local Neiman's might have it?

    I absolutely :heart: this color, and think I might need to break my ban for it... Any help from you ladies would be appreciated!
  2. you should call balny and put your name on the list, it might sell out. well depeding on which style you want. but Neimans, Saks,, aloha rag also carry i'd suggest you call all those places. i think they're readily available at luisaviaroma. good luck~
  3. Hi, Bal NY would be one of your choices but their return policy is only allow you to return the bag within 10 days (please correct me if I am wrong) and you will only get store credit and not money refunded. They will have a huge shipment coming up mid of next week. I would assume in various style and maybe various hardware too (I crossed my fingers).

    Second option will be Aloha Rag, their return policy is alots nicer, they will refund your money if you don't want the bag. Free shipping within USA with FedEx 2 days I think. The problem with AR, I don't think they already have the Violet now. They will definetely have the Violet in various style but it would probably around end August or beginning of September.

    Third option will be but their Work is sold out already and they currently have only the PT with SGH. Here is the link :

    Good luck
  4. Aloha rag will charge $50 dollars re-stock fee if you returned or exchanged.

    I asked AR for the style in violet color. this was what they replied me.

    For the violine/violet color, we will have the following styles available
    First ($995)
    City ($1195)
    Work ($1385)
    Weekender ($1495)
    Twiggy ($1095)
    Step ($1295)
    Day ($995)
    Giant Day w/ giant nickel/silver hardware ($1245)
    Giant City ($1595)
    Giant Brief ($1595)
    Giant Hobo ($1245)
    Giant RTT ($1865--item # 186184)
    Giant Money ($525)
    Quilt ($1795)

    good luck :smile:
  5. cool, thanks for the list!!
  6. Aloha Rag has violet?
  7. i think they probably meant that they would be getting it in those styles?