how should the CC be running?

  1. I'm so confused! I'm a new to Chanel but I always thought that the double CC should look like on the first pic. but recently I saw some photos of the bags at PF that have that sign going other way!:confused1:

    aaaa.jpg [/ATTACH]
    Could somebody explain it to a Chanel adept.
  2. I read somewhere that at the top part of the CC, the right should always overlap the left like in the first picture.
  3. I thought I'd read the same thing in the Authenticate thread.

    pinkur - u got that 2nd picture off of tPF?
  4. I'm not sure if it's different for the CC medallion on the Coco Cabas. I've seen many auctions on eBay of the baby cabas that appear to be 100% authentic, yet the right C on the medallion does not overlap the left.

    For all other bags though, the right C should overlap the left at the top.
  5. Bananax, there are really MANY of that kind of CC on tPF!!!! I really don't want to hurt anybody, but I'm asking beacuse I thought that I'm wrong.
    Have a closer look at the pictures at the 2nd page of Post photos of you and your Luxe Ligne Bag!!
    at reference library

  6. The CC's look reversed in the modelling photos only - where people are taking pictures in the mirror - you're seeing a mirror image in the photo.
  7. Aaaaaaaaah! You 're so clever mnshopgirl32 ! I had to try! I always ask somebody to take a pic, so I really didn't know. I was so stupid:roflmfao:
    SORRY everyone!
  8. :yes: