How should I reward myself?!


What's the BEST reward?

  1. New Car

  2. Long Vacation

  3. Other, give me suggestions!

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  1. As you may know I got accepted into USC Law. So many of you lovely gals have suggested I reward myself, but im having trouble on what I really want as a reward.
    Oh, and THANKS to everyone who was supportive and gave me encouragement.
    So, what sould I get?:biggrin::unsure:
  2. lol, if you can AFFORD a new car and tuiton for law school, then GO FOR THE CAR lol
  3. Take a vacation before the madness begins! Get a Vespa for law school.
  4. I say save your money, cause once you have started law school you are going to need a serious vacation!
  5. I say take a vacation. You will need it before the craziness that is called "first year." Good luck!
  6. Congratulations on getting into law school!!!! :biggrin:

    I say take the long vacation, and bring your significant other, or best friend with you. Or go alone. But a car you can always have later, the newest handbag you can always lust for later, but time spent on yourself is very important before grad school
  7. get a car, you deserve it girl!
  8. You deserve a brand new car. When things get stressful at school then take a vacation :biggrin:
  9. Vacation! Definitely ;)
  10. Congrats on getting in! Well, this is a tough one, but what I think is... whether you get a new car or go on a vacation, you are definatly going to need a whole new LV set-up (either to carry around with you on vaca or sit in the car next to you). Bag, wallet, make-up case, agenda, key pouch!!!!! Boy, I can use any excuse to get a new bag, huh? I am starting to think maybe I've got a real problem.......
  11. congrats again!!!! i think you should take a nice long holiday!
  12. Get a nice long holiday! Phuket / Bali has some great beach holiday resorts if you're looking tropical. :P
  13. hmmm...that's a hard one. Most new cars cost a lot more than a week long vacation. So it sounds like you could go on vaca and still have lots left to eventually get the car??? I'm a horrible decision maker...

    If you are spending as much as a car for a vacation then that must be SOME trip!! lol.
  14. I would take a vacation that will last you 3 years because the remainder is going to be hectic!!!!

    Of course, the voice of reason says that you should save the money too, but if you don't need to, then have a great vacation!!!
  15. Thanks everyone, I talked to my daddy haha im "daddy's little girl" and I told him I wanted a new car AND a vacation! I said I would need a new car to alternate when im in L.A. and a vacation so I can go off to USC relaxed and stress free. hehe. So I will keep you guys updated as to what happens. Thanks again:biggrin: