How should I respond to Unpaid Item Mutual Agreement?

  1. I won an item on eBay and paid through Paypal. However, the seller sent me a message stating that there is an error w/ her listing and the item is no longer available. I checked my Paypal acc. and it seems the seller are refunding my $$. Then I received a message from eBay asking me to respond to Unpaid Item Mutual Agreement. Here is the detail:
    "The seller, xxxxx tells us you have mutually agreed not to complete the transaction (e.g. because you returned or are returning the item for a refund or because there was a misunderstanding) and has requested a credit for their eBay fees.

    Please respond by Jan-31-2007 so eBay knows whether you have made this agreement.

    Please note: Both you and the seller will still be able to leave feedback for each other regarding this transaction. "

    Actually, since I have not contacted her about the dispute yet, I'm surprised when she told ebay I agreed not to complete the transaction. And because this situation never happen to me b4, I need your advice on this. Thanks.
  2. If you got the $ back adn she has good feedback, I'd just concede.
  3. Thank you for quick response, Swanky Mama of Three. Yes, she has really good feedback. I'll concede after getting my $$ back. Thanks again.
  4. I surely would ask her why she sent the mutual withdrawal to you before you concede. If she listed an item twice or can't find it, that does happen. She gets her fees back for a mutual withdrawal.

    Check your spam folder, she may have e-mailed you.
  5. This is simply the form that ebay uses to refund fees to a seller for a transaction that doesn't go through to completion. Ebay is asking if it is true that the transaction wasn't completed--that's all. By agreeing that you didn't receive the item, you get no strikes against you as the buyer. This happened to me recently with a pair of shoes I bought using buy-it-now. The seller emailed me after I paid because when he opened the box, the shoes inside were not the color listed and I didn't want the other color. He refunded, I filled out the form so he would get his selling fees back. It's not a big deal. However, if the seller is doing this because the item didn't reach the price he/she expected, that is a different thing entirely.