How should I have my cobalt keepall luggage tag hot stamped?

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  1. Any suggestions?
    I was thinking to have a blind hot stamp at the bottom, but then I can't work out what to have in terms of just a single or all my initials.
    I've also liked the large 3 letters horizontally across the tag.
    My initials are GKS if that helps.

    Photos of your luggage tags would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. What's a blind hotstamp?
  3. I found this photo of it on a cobalt keepall in an old thread, so thank you to whoever's it is!

    It's when it's stamped without colour, so just an imprint

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  4. I like the way this looked.
  5. I believe the best fit for a keepall lugagge tag is single letter in the bag's hardware color, unless its monogram- which i'd do blind for.
    Here's my boyfriend's Macassar lugagge tag- i have the same for my Damier Ebene keepall, but in gold.

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  6. Oh ok. I didn't know that was what it was called. Lol. I like the look of that or Silver to match the hardware.
  7. I ordered one for my DC Newport Tote and I got it done in silver. I am picking it up today so I will post a picture later.
  8. Very nice
  9. I love Damier Cobalt but wanted to add a touch of contrast so I went with a baby pink stamp on the tag. I love love love it!!

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  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465556207.129755.jpg

    I picked up this Damier Cobalt luggage tag this morning. I prefer the hot stamp in silver for this collection. Here it is on my new DC Newport tote!

  11. I agree. The silver looks great. Ur hotstamp looks perfect!
  12. Thank you! 😘
  13. Single letters rock. Blind hotstamp is up to you.

    I recently got an old vachetta tag hot stamped and the SA basically told me that if I want color, it will eventually come off because the vachetta has already gained patina so I went without color on her advice (it looks great!), but I find single letter hotstamps to be the classiest!

    ETA: Don't have a pic of the patina one yet, but here's a newer one...

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  14. I prefer the symbols or a single initial myself. Love tags! Here are my pretties Tags.jpg