How should I handle this situation?

  1. I let a Tiffany necklace go at a Best Offer price of $70. The buyer immediately emailed me and said that she was having problems getting into her PayPal but she would pay as soon as possible. This was last Wednesday. On Friday, I got another polite email that she was still working on it but that she would understand if I couldn't wait. I replied back that she should try calling paypal directly as I have heard that they are very helpful on the phone.

    Well that was Friday and I still have heard nothing. I so don't want to re-list this again, but if I have to, I'd like to do it soon since it is V-Day coming up and that is probably why many potential buyers would want it.

    How should I proceed? Do you think that she just changed her mind? If so, should I give her bad feedback and risk retaliatory feedback? I just find it hard to believe that her papal account is just not working without more details. OR should I call paypal myself and se if what she is saying is even true. Totally not sure what the proper thing to do here would be!
  2. Hi! :smile:

    I'm a total newbie, at eBay, paypal, and this forum :smile: plus there's a language barrier..but my gut says that call paypal and ask, then you know if she's lying.. or send an email and ask if she changed her mind, say that you won't give her a negative if she's honest..but OK, all people who deserves a negative should get a negative! :p
  3. Can you ask her to pay using another method?googlecheckout maybe?
  4. Hi! I would try emailing her and giving her a timeframe at which point you will relist and offer to give her neutral feedback. I'd look to see how many transactions she has had and what her track record says....on my account people always leave in the feedback about how quickly I paid, etc.....then if she backs out, advice eBay so they don't charge you relisting fees and relist. It sounds like she either has no experience with eBay transactions, maybe has bad credit and Paypal is not willing to give her an account or she is procrastinating for whatever reason....don't let her problems ruin you chance to sell an item. I hope that helps. Z
  5. To me it sounds like she changed her mind and is stringing you along in case she changes it back.
    Harsh, but probably true.
    Why could she not access her account..sounds fishy.
    I would relist it and try and get my fees back.

    I am new to Ebay too, but that is just bad trading. I would not leave bad feedback because I think you know just what hers will say...true ot not!!
  6. I would wait the 7 days for payment and then file a non-paying bidder.

  7. Sorry, but I would be willing to believe the buyer, I have been onto the community paypal site recently and you would not believe the amount of people on there who have had there paypal accounts restricted etc etc etc but they do not realise it until they go to pay someone using paypal. Paypal are very good at not letting you know what is going on and love leaving people in the dark,:cursing: that is obviously only my opinion.

    Also someone mentioned that your buyer may not be able to get a paypal account if she has a bad credit record, does anybody know if that is true, because how come ever crook in the U.K.:tdown: it seems have a ebay and paypal account.
  8. Can't really understand why the buyer doesn't just pick up the phone and call Paypal??!!
  9. OK, here is an update and still not sure how to proceed. This is what the buyer sent me on February 4th:

    hey, i just wanted you to know.. i have been on the phone with paypal and my bank back and forth all day. paypal said it would be 2 to 3 more days. i am waiting for a user code number from my bank. thanks!

    Does this make sense to anyone? As of yesterday I sent her another message asking if she had gotten things straightened out and have not heard back. I called Paypal to see if her story was true, but they said they can't tell me that.

    BTW, I don't understand why I have heard all these stories about how helpful PayPal is. They have been completely useless in the three times I have called them this week!!!!

    Advice on how to proceed at this point?

  10. Paypal did this exact thing to me. I went to pay for something right after I won it one day, and I got random error message about "suspicious activity" on my paypal account. I panicked- I always pay immediately when I buy something on ebay, and spent the next three days trying to sort it out. They make you jump through all sorts of hoops over this, and finally I got some dumb message that they were mailing some code to my house, and I would have to wait till it go there, then enter it in to confirm my account, blah blah blah.

    I finally managed to get someone on the phone, and politely *****ed them out. They couldn't explain WHY my account was suspended- as far as I can tell they got insulted over a $50 pair of sunglasses. But, I got the stupid thing lifted after I fussed. The code DID come in the mail, a WEEK later, and I finally entered to to make the annoying "waiting for account confirmation" notice go away. Thank god I had an understanding seller who didn't freak out when he received MY rambling and panicky message about my paypal account going all wonky. I still had to pay three days later than I had planned.

    So it's possible she's telling the truth. I would give her one or two more days, and that should be more than enough time to respond/pay. Though you have already been very patient up to this point.
  11. The buyer could be telling the truth, especially if she doesn't use Paypal much. My friend didn't use her account on Ebay/Paypal much and when she did buy something and went to pay for it PP wouldn't let her and she went through seven kinds of h*ll just to reinstate her account. Luckily her seller was not in a hurry and waited for payment.

    That being said, the item you are "holding" for her is in demand now. I would relist it and email the buyer saying that although you sympathize, you are relisting and you would be willing to mutually back out of her transaction so she won't earn a neg.
  12. Thanks this helps to know that it is quite possible she is telling the truth. I just wish that she would choose to update me or if she is just planning on blowing the whole thing off.
  13. I think that at this point, it doesn't even matter if I repost it now or not because Valentine's day is in a few days and it most likely wouldn't get snapped up at this point. I'm so annoyed. I just have a bad taste in my mouth with eBay and with Pay pal this week. I think I need to get this stuff out of my closet and take a break from both.....