How should I handle NPB?

  1. I have my first NPB. I want to post - FB. Her excuse for not paying was that she was expecting a new credit card in the mail because hers was stolen and she never got it. Ok. Not my problem. She shouldn't have bid if she couldn't pay for it. Duh. I believed the days around Christmas would be very active on eBay because people didn't get what they wanted for Christmas and most people were home alot. Now that the holidays are over, I think my bag may not sell when people start getting the bills for Christmas.

    She sent me an email telling me to relist the bag and she hoped I wouldn't give her negative FB since she had always paid on time before. I don't really care if she paid on time before since she didn't pay me. Her FB of about 34 was 100%. My fb of 75 is 100%. So, if I post - to her, is it a forgone conclusion that she will slam me back? What could she say? 'Seller demanded payment'. Will people realize it is just retaliatory fb? I don't think it is fair to all the other sellers if I don't post -.
  2. I WOULD RISE ABOVE IT AND LET IT GO......after all, its only eBay...
    Thats what I do in such circumstances....(doesn't happen too often)

    Happy New Year!!!!!
  3. I understand you are wanting to be charitable but I don't think it is fair to the OTHER sellers not to post the truth. What if she didn't pay someone else before me and no one bothered to post -? I might not have sold to her in the first place.
  4. If she puts up a retaliatory neg on you, don't you get a chance to respond to her feedback? If so, I would neg her.
    It's unfair to other potential sellers to hide the truth about her, I think.
  5. I had NPB once and of course I took my rel feedback I have one little neg but you can also file for removal and she will have to agree to have hers removed. I didn't want the neg. removed so i left it as it was. I wanted future buyers to see what kind of person they would be dealing with.
  6. I think it's my responsibility as a seller to leave a negative FB if someone doesn't pay. I'm not going to be black mailed and held hostage to those people who think I'm afraid to receive a negative. The only negative I have is from a seller who refused to sell me the watch after I won it. I left her a negative and she retaliated. If you do eBay long enough someone is going to leave you a negative unless you do everything they want, every single time. And people can come up with the nuttiest reasons about why they want to return an item or not pay for it. Basically they just want their way.

    The only way to keep a 100% FB is to give in every single time and never leave a negative FB. There's too many nuts out there to avoid them forever. IMHO
  7. I think I would file a claim with eBay first for NPB. You never know, she might get scared and her credit card may "magically" appear in the mail and she might pay you. If she doesn't then definitely you should leave neg FB.

    Keep in mind, if she doesn't respond to the dispute, you can safely neg her without her negging you back. She can leave a comment, but eBay will remove the neg from your score and it won't affect your overall score.
  8. Yes, Handbag, I was reading your thread. Unbelievable.

    I did file NPB. I refuse to be hostage to the feedback system and I feel it is my responsibility to warn other sellers, too. I would want them to do the same for me. I will let you know how it plays out.
  9. What time frame are we talking about? How long has it been since you filed a NPB with eBay? Do you post a time frame for payment on your auctions?

    I have never had any negative feedback slung from me or to me in my 160+ feedbacks on eBay, but that doesn't mean that eventually I won't get that "cranky pants" buyer who will never be satisfied.

    "The customer is always right" isn't always right. It sounds like if you have given this buyer enough slack, it's time to report and relist. If it hasn't been a couple weeks, I would maybe wait it out a few more days. At least she is still communicating with you (that's a big sign)
  10. At least she informed you she wasn't going to pay. I have had people win my auctions and then nothing. You should definitely file a NPB dispute with ebay to get your ebay fees refunded. After a few of these, buyers get kicked off ebay. I don't leave neg because it often gets neg - I like that 100% beside my name.
  11. I'm glad you filed. Maybe you can also respond to her, saying you needed to file an NPB just to get your fees back, but you agree not to neg her if she doesn't neg you?

    She could respond to ebay regarding the NPB filing with the same reason she gave you, and then take the hit from ebay--it WAS her fault, after all, that payment wasn't made.

    Personally...I don't buy the story about the credit card not arriving in time to pay!:sneaky:

  12. I totally agree. File a claim and let it take it's least 8 days after claim is filed...then Neg her. She can leave FB but it won't have any effect on your score.
  13. I had a NPB one time and I didn't want neg feedback, so I agreed not to neg her if she would give me a positive one, and she did! However, I did tell her I would file NPB so I could get my listing fees back.