How should I do this?---need help!

  1. Got the Pomme Inclusion ring as a V-day gift but don't like it (my fingers are too small for the type of ring and it looks a lot different than I thought online). The only thing is that bf had it shipped from the Boston LV store and we live in NC. I guess I can return it to a local store and just get a credit? But the problem is: I really want the pomme flat pouch and have my fingers crossed that I might be able to get my hands on one---but can I use the LV credit if I get it shipped from another LV store?

    I know some of you were able to track one down recently? Any suggestions on what I can do? (already left info with local SA but have heard nothing) Should I just keep calling 866-LV? I heard that there are only two shipments and that will be all---is that really true? :confused1:
  2. I'd take it back in store, to return it so you have the credit, then when one comes in, use it on the flat pouch.
  3. oh no---just asked bf and he said there was NO reciept in the fed-ex box! Will that be a major problem? How can they send him the item without a reciept? The fed ex box says it is from LV---will that work?
  4. Call the store that shipped it right away and let them know they didn't send a reciept and have them send it to you right away!
  5. :yes: