How should I cut my hair?

  1. My mom keeps bothering me about my hair saying it has no "life" (meaning no shine, no body) and how it's too long. She wants me to cut my hair, and I agreed, but I want to cut it in a flattering, stylish way. My bangs are long, but I don't think long enough to cut side-swept bangs :sad: . My hair is 5 inches past my shoulders. Anyways, I need some suggestions. Help? Pictures would be nice as well!

    Another question: My hair used to be thick and now it's really thin. It keeps falling out in chunks. I'm taking vitamins and I don't know what else to do.

    Edit: I forgot to mention I have a round face, I'm 16 years old, and my hair is almost always in a ponytail.
  2. if you have a round face then most likely you'll want to cut your hair to frame your face to lengthen it, that way you subdue the roundness of your face and play up your other features so im thinking framing your face at the most starting under your ear? i wouldnt cut anyhair below that at least, with a round facei would think starting framing at your chin area and going a little further? but im no hairdresser so what i do is i look at pictures of celebs and models with the same type of face as me for inspiration. i cant help you with the hair falling out because i have the exact same problem :sad: tell your stylist what you wish for, talk about it beforehand, and if you have picutres that would help her see what your talking about.
  3. If you have a round face, you should get a layered haircut to vertically-lengthen the face, and preferably (though not exclusively) shoulder-length or shorter. And go to a hair salon to get a layered haircut (do not try to cut your own layers at home unless you are an absolute professional), and look at some hairstyle magazines to pick out some haircuts that you would be interested in.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. Does anyone have any pictures though? I still haven't made an appointment at the salon, so there's no time limit :P
  5. I don't personally have any pictures, but I just did a random Google search and found this link:

    Of course, this link is not the only option, but it gives a few examples.
  6. Thanks eyelove! That's very helpful!
  7. I dont know what you look like but layers usually flatter everyone and they are easy to maintain.
  8. Try and find a celeb who looks a BIT like you (doesn't have to be exact) and see what they do, as they have the best stylists - also, if you have a digicam try brushing your hair lots of different ways to get an idea of the shapes that suit you, eg curl it up into a tight roll at the back to see if REALLY short hair would do it, or check out different kinds of partings.

    It's worth doing the research, because a sucky haircut is a horrible experience!

  9. I have been looking for pictures of celebrities who have the same facial shape as me and it is giving me some good ideas. Also, I have parted my hair in the middle for so many years so I'm definitely going to try and change that. Thanks for the great tips everybody!
  10. Generally, IMO, people with wide and/or round faces best suit either long hair with long layers at the front (the shortest of which should be at at least an inch below chin level, when the hair is dry]); or, as long as they have a fairly slender neck, short, layed hair.

    If I were you, I'd grow my bangs a bit longer (shouldn't take too long!) and side sweep them with an off-center parting.

    Hopefully, considering your age, your hair loss is just hormonal and will pass. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep. Try talking to your hairdresser and perhaps see a trichologist, if it is extreme and/or persists.
  11. For your hair loss:

    Talk to your doctor and hairdresser about it. Hair falling out in chunks is NOT normal, and could be a sign of a serious problem. It could just be hormonal imbalances because of your age - but it could also be something else.

    But for your hair, a look that would probably be good for you is to have it cut just under your shoulders, with layers, and highlights.

    Shorter layers around the face and longer layers in the back. Also, dunno what color your hair is, but some lightening highlights around the face will make your face appear "fresher" :smile:
  12. Yeah, I'm definitely going to talk to my hairdresser about it :smile:
    I was thinking about highlights... I have dark brown hair so I was thinking lighter brown highlights. I think Auburn highlights look good on me, but my sister seems to disagree.
  13. please post pics or let us knwo how ur cut turned out! i have round face also and its so hard to find a good cut! my hair also have some frizz and little half ass wave to it so sometimes layers dont look so good on me=( i also thought about getting highlights, but i have black hair so its hard to find a color that goes with black and easy up keep.... argggg i hate my hair... for it to look decent i have to blowdry it straight everyday, if not, it looks like a mop:rant:
    ive also found that feathering around the face only works if u dont mind having hair in ur face all the time!
  14. ^ I don't have a digital camera (:sad:) so I can't post pictures, but I'll definitely show you a couple of pictures I used for my haircut. I've had layers in the past and they looked good on me. Maybe try long layers or graduated layers starting from the bottom of your ear? I totally sympathize with you about the highlight dilemma. My hair is darkish brown and I've had everything from light blonde (which looked nice, I always got complimented on my hair) to auburn (which I didn't like so much). I've found the easiest to be lighter brown, which looks natural and adds dimension to my hair. Still looking for some pictures to show my hairdress though.
  15. I'd work on growing my bangs out and go with some shoulder length layers -- don't go too short! But with a rounder face, the bangs are probably emphasizing that -- so side-swept or all-togethr grown out will look better. Good luck, I'm sure you'll look awesome!