How should I confront a horrible ebayer?

  1. Seeking some advice for my dilemma. Here's some background...

    Last year I sold something to a girl in the US. She paid with Paypal and her address was CONFIRMED. The item was sent within a few days of receiving payment. A month after the transaction took place, she filed a chargeback claiming unauthorised access to her Paypal account. I emailed her and she confirmed with me that she DID make the purchase and it was legit, and that she was trying to sort out the problem with Paypal because some of the other transactions that took place on her Paypal account was fraudulent. Whatever. So I waited. At the same time, Paypal said they couldn't do anything to help me. So I continued to wait. I didn't know what else to do. Nothing. She had the item and I was out of pocket $300. I'm not in the US so I do not qualify for Paypal seller protection. (This is why I hate Paypal :cursing:).

    Anyway, she has another account which she uses to sell - another ebayer who transacted with her alerted me to this. Her other account has is NARU'd.

    What do you think I should do? Should I confront her? What should I say? I'm seriously considering revenge...

    This transaction has left me sour with Paypal. Found out how very little they proctect sellers outside the US, UK and Canada...

    Thanks. Opinions appreciated.
  2. My advice - talk to a PayPal supervisor - they CAN help you.

    I run an automotive parts business - NOT on eBay, anyway, a customer did the same thing to us. We had signature proof of delivery and called PayPal - at first, we were told the same thing as you - then we called back asked for a supervisor - said the following:

    1 - we shipped to confirmed address
    2 - we obtain signature proof of delivery
    3 - we have email correspondence regarding this purchase from the customer.

    Immediately, the money was back in our account. According to PayPal (and this is just what I was told) all we needed to prove was that a valid tracking number had been issued and that the package had been sent to the confirmed address.

    Don't give up - call back and speak to a manager.
  3. That is terrible that this happened to you, so unfair! How long ago was this? Did she scan the other ebayer that you were in contact with as well?
  4. Oops..."scan" is supposed to be SCAM
  5. HI :sad: so sorry but this has happened to a lot of us that accept paypal as payment. Let me tell you it does not matter about the confirmed address or un-confirmed with paypal because they DO NOT look out for the sellers NO MATTER what your legal auction states. If you go to is where you will learn about the PayPal Class Action Lawsuit, Abuse, Fraud & evil behind the PayPal system! you will see why that I am stopping the whole paypal account. I have used paypal for 5 years now and am learning more and more bad things about them. Hope this helps;)
  6. The exact same thing happened to me. A paypal payment was revoked luckily I sent it to a confirmed paypal address with delivery confrmation. Eventually after about 3 weeks the funds were put back into my account. So you should definitely talk to a paypal rep to find out where you stand and what action they are taking (fingers crossed you get a seasoned one).
    Maybe your buyer thinks she can get something for free? It's so sad that there are so many dishonest people out there. Until about a year ago I thought nothing of shipping to an unconfirmed address, now anything of real value gets signature confirmation regardless of feedback score or address!
  7. Do what Loganz said, I did the same and got my $$$$ back.
  8. Thank you for all your response! :flowers:

    The transaction took place more than six months ago so unfortunately I can't complain to Paypal anymore. I didn't know I could ask to speak to a supervisor!

    What makes me mad is that how can the buyer claim the transaction to be *fraudulent* when she made the purchase with her eBay account and the item was sent to her confirmed address? I had delivery confirmation, but because Paypal only gave me 10 days to reply, I couldn't get the information in time from Australia Post. :sad:

    Paypal allowed her to get the item for nothing, so why would she pay for it? :cursing:

    Revenge would be sweet. I know this makes me out to be a mean person, but she really needs to know how it feels to deal with dishonest people!