how should I clean the bottom of my montsouris

  1. I got this back last year, only used it a few times and it has some water stains or oil stains on it. How and with what do I clean it with? Thanks. july3-06 002.jpg
  2. Anyone? I asked the LV SA, she said "we don't recommend anything." That was a big help! It's in the light stage since I haven't used it all that much, so the spots really stand out.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't touch it. There is nothing you can really do. Here is a pic of mine (it will be 10 years old later this year):
  4. That bag is in great shape. Thanks so much, I guess I'll just have to use it more so eventually it'll all blend in. I love it because my dh got it for me (at the White Plains LV) when I was pregnant for all my "mommy things."
  5. That's what I used mine for: a diaper bag!!!:yes:
  6. Lol!
  7. you can clean it tomorrow! everyone come to Club BagnShooo....
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