How should I clean my white chanel?

  1. I have the caviar tote in white (with silver hardware) and I am extra careful when I carry it. However, the interior seems somewhat "dusty":shrugs: . How should I clean it?
  2. It's the microfiber-ish lining, right?
    If so, I use this for a lot and it does work..there is a carpet cleaner called Folex; just spray a little on a clean white washcloth, then gently rub out the areas that are the worst. Just keep doing the same thing until you get the whole inside of the bag done. It might take a couple of times to lighten it up, but just make sure you spray the folex on the washcloth, not the lining itself, otherwise you'll end up with a big wet spot that will take a long time to dry.
  3. Thanks! I will try to locate Folex.
  4. You're welcome! :smile:
    You can find Folex at most home improvement stores. Lowes, Home Depot and Home Expo always have it.
  5. I will keep this in hand, since I also have a white Chanel. Thanks Lvbabydoll.
  6. You're welcome :flowers:
  7. I have a white quilted chanel and it is in a sorry state. It has blue and stains from jeans and it's just all-over dirty. I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to what I should clean it with. Thanks!
  8. what kind of leather is it?
  9. ^ ditto what Swanky said.

    If it's caviar, first use some baby wipes and if that doesn't do the trick, I know Luccibag uses some sort of dye/cleaner that brings it back to new. Hopefully she sees this, I remember reading her recommendation but can't remember the product. saddle soap maybe?
  10. I just looked it up and it is indeed saddle soap that Lucci recommends :yes:
  11. Question for you I need to take my Cambon bag to Chanel to be cleaned if only the white CCs on the bag are a bit dirty? Or is there a way to clean them myself?
  12. I have this same problem
  13. I think you should bring it to the boutique to let the professional help u~~ Dont do it by urself!!
  14. Use Dawn dish soap with water and a tooth brush... dry with a hair dryer........... :o) simple, cheap and easy :smile: IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :supacool:
  15. thanks for the info! great to know.