How should I care for the handles on my Speedy?

  1. Do I spray them or treat them or just let them be?
  2. I would just let them be.
  3. I have been wrestling with this for months now, my SA at LV says do not do anything to them.
  4. I would let them be.
  5. I spray the leather on all my LV bags with Wilson's leather protector. It keeps the leather from getting water spotted.

  6. Ditto, except with Apple...
  7. I just leave the handles on my Speedy alone. The only thing I try to do is carry it on my arm if my hands are dirty, and keep my hands clean if i plan on carrying it by my hands. Also, I carry a plastic bag inside my purse in case it starts raining :biggrin:
  8. dont do anything to it, thats the beauty of vuiton :biggrin:
  9. dont do anything...let it be..
  10. Let it be!
  11. i use apple guard~~!!!
  12. I would say leave it alone, but....I got caught in the rain once w/an umbrella mind you with my beloved speedy and I got water marks on the handle and it irritates me to this day!! so I would say treat them if you think it would bother you. I want to get a fool proof spray so that I can spray the rest of my bags...I hear the wilson one is pretty good.
  13. I spray mine.