How should I care for/protect my miu miu leather???

  1. I would love to protect my baby, but Im a little scared to put products on the leather becuase I dont want to change the finish.. can anyone recommend what i should do or use?? Its calfskin leather, with a sheen to it.. heres a pic. thanks guys x :wondering
  2. woops heres the pic! x
    IMG_2533_close up.jpg
  3. i just bought the miu miu spring bag in the same type of leather and would love to know how to take care of it, too! gorgeous bag, btw!
  4. I have the spring satchel too in a sand color. I ordered it from bluefly, took the security tags off and later noticed it had black dirt marks on it, like ground in smudges, so I used apple products to clean it and made it worse. The leather is nappa and I wouldnt mess with the nappa leather, it is so delicate. I now have a bag I never ever wear , ruined in my closet. Be careful what you use on it.
  5. how awful for that to happen to your beloved bag.. thanks for the warning!
  6. Gosh, I thought those Apple products were supposed to be top of the line!! I just got some leather cleaner/conditioner, I believe it's called Leather CPR, that works really well. Of course with anything like this, you should test an inconspicuous area first. I'll double check the name on it and post it back here.

    Here ya go:
  7. The apple cleanser is very strong, I think it also rined some balenciaga bags. I have used the conditioner on some gucci and marc jacobs leather and it was fine, just the nappa leather is so soft
  8. thanks for the leather CPR tip prada psycho :tup: i'll try to hunt it down locally. x
  9. ^^^I was looking for something that specifically stated it conditioned and cleaned snakeskin. I bought an older Prada snakeskin bag on eBay and when I got it, the poor scales were dying of thirst. I hunted for probably a week before I found this. You can order it online, but it was cheaper from that seller in the link I posted, so I got it from her instead.
  10. aah! hehehe thanks Prada Psycho.. This is what i luv about the purse forum! such 1st hand expertise! : )
  11. can i ask if you have/would you ever water-proof your bag as well? it was drizzling outside today and i was really scared of going out with my baby..
  12. ^^^I have used sprays before because so many of these silly designers put so much into a bag (including the price) but don't bother to WATERPROOF IT!!! Once again, it's dependent on the leather and the product you use, so you have to pick an inconspicuous spot to test it. Sometimes certain products will darken the leather, but since the bag is black, no biggie.

    You can always test for waterproofing by finding that omniscient "inconspicuous spot" and put a few drops of water on it. Obviously if it beads up, you should be fine if it gets a bit of rain on it, just blot it off quickly. If it slurps up your test water, you can either do the waterproofing test and waterproof it if its safe. Or do like I do: keep a plastic grocery bag tucked into your purse and use it like a raincoat for your bag. It's tacky as hell but effective!;)
  13. yes I did the same with a plastic bag too! I had to make the quick decision and though well at least if it rains i can quickly cover her up, hehehe..
    thanks for the tips though, i will try the tests.. and try to get my hands onto Leather CPR. xx
  14. You know, I bought my first MIU MIU lampskin purse and use it as my everyday bag. It's a brown hobo-don't know too much about the line. But one day it started drizzling, and I freaked out because my bag was spotted. But for some reason, it dried without leaving any marks and I was so happy. Except wiping it off occasionally with a damp rag, I haven't had to use any product on it, so I'm just loving this bag-low maintenance, great quality and a simple style:smile:
  15. Oh cool, thanks for that.. thats great, what a relief for you!! :sweatdrop: you would think lambskin would be even more delicate..