How should I care for my Chanels?

  1. In the past I have never impregnated any of my bags regardless off brand. I'm afraid that I will ruin the bag if I use spray or condition on them. I know it sounds silly and that I need to do take care of them but I just don't know how:confused1:.
    Do you have any suggestions? I have a few relativly new bags/leather accessories

    Wallet on a chain in red lambskin
    Timeless clutch in black lambskin
    PNY wallet
    CC case in the camelia pathern
    Black GST

  2. i've never used anything on my chanels , i wouldn't wanna risk the chance. i've done it to my bbag but it didn't work out that fab. so i don't think i would try them on my chanels.

    my mom always tells me bags should be at their best natural state to see their true beauty in time to come. how true! xoxo ;)
  3. I'm curious as well since I'll be getting a vintage one that's in mint condition. I plan on using it ALOT - is that bad? :confused1:

    I've never owned a Chanel and I know that this one doesn't come with a care booklet - I don't want to ruin it by doing something I shouldn't or NOT doing something I should be doing.
  4. I wouldn't spray anything on it... Just keep in their dust bags when your not using them. and I personally stuff them so they don't lose their shape...
  5. Well I actually used soft wax spray (got it at a shoe store) for my 'vintage' chanel waist bag (lambskin). It did get softer again. It is black, so I wouldn't know if it would stain.
    I haven't gotten around to using it on my new brown jumbo, I'm also a little hesitant but am planning on trying it out on a nonvisible place first..

    O and I also use a patent care spray (also from shoe store) on my patent madison. It works great and should protect it from breaking in the long run... (Also works great on my python bag, keeps it moisturized, or how do you call that )
  6. One thing I recall the booklet said was not to leave your purse sitting in direct sun. UV is bad for purses, eyes, skin. I suspect it would cause dryness and possibly fading to the leather. When you store the bag, stuff it but not overly so -- enough to support the shape and most importantly wrap the chain in tissue or something so that it's not pressed against the leather; it'll cause chain impressions.

    For patent leather I rub petroleum jelly and then wipe off with a soft cloth.
  7. Ok, I will just leave them as they are then and hope for the best ;)
  8. Sorry to hijack but how do you guys store them?

    Is there a proper way?

    I remember reading a thread about it ages ago, but I can't seem to find it!
  9. ^ i keep them in their dust bags in the chanel boxes and put a piece of dehumifier inside to get rid of funny smell and humidity in the air. sometimes i take them out to let them 'breathe' and check on their condition, just in case there might be mould or whatever on those unused bags. i usually have a closet specially for bags but now that closet is full, haha and i don't know where else to store them!