How should a man rock his handheld LV?


How should the Carryall be carried?

  1. A

  2. B

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Cast your votes and give your opinions!

    (A) - I only carry it like this when I need to grab something out of the bag etc.

    (B) - I always carry it this way.


    More photos available here:
  2. I like the look of B more... :tup:
  3. i think B is a good option... for one thing, it looks more masculine... also the bag is bigger and so it could also be heavier so it'll be easier on you to hold it with your hand...
    nevertheless, i think it looks great on you... so ROCK ON!! :nuts::rochard:
  4. B! It's more masculine.
  5. I like the way it looks better carried in Picture B. :tup:

    However, I think you should carry it the way it is more comfortable for you.

    Either way .... it is a HOT bag and you wear it very well.
  6. yeah I think B is better for a guy. It looks great!
  7. Definitely B, IMHO carrying a bag the A way is too feminine for a guy.
  8. :yes::yes: i agree
  9. B.
  10. I vote B. Rock it!
  11. And it looks like we ALL agree so far!
  12. option B is the only way i carry it. and i don't really dangle cutesy stuff on the handles or zip either :yes: but that's just me.
  13. i voted for B

    A looks girlish

    B looks better to me...
  14. B allthough I sometime's carry mine on the shoulder:tup:

    oh and I LoVe you'r Groom cles...
  15. u look HOT HOT HOT with your carryall!

    love it :smile: