How secretive/protective are you regarding...

  1. The Purse Forum?

    What I mean is, are you hesitant to tell certain people about it because if they knew how much you obsessed/encouraged obsessing here, they would not have the best opinion of you? :shame:

    And what I also mean is, are you reluctant to tell certain people about it because if they came here, it might somehow negatively affect your enjoyment of The Purse Forum...and you need this forum...and they'll never miss what they never had? What if they are not well behaved...will that negatively affect you? Is it worth the risk?:rolleyes: :lol:

    Today, I caught myself about to tell a woman about this forum, then I thought about it and changed my mind...I figured, if she really love bags, she'll find it...

    Alright...I just didn't like her enough to tell her about my special place.:roflmfao: I just could not do it...She has to be special enough. If she really deserves to know, she'll find it. :s
  2. It depends on how computer literate the person is. Most of my friends only use the puter for e-mail and other simple tasks, so it would be too labor intensive to try to explain it to them.
  3. No one knows but Fayden who put me on to the Forum. I haven't told my SO yet. He thinks my bag addiction is stupid so I can imagine what he'll have to say about this lol
  4. hey, where is fayden BTW?
  5. So recently, my husband told me that he told a couple of women at work about the purse forum. :wtf:

    I felt my chest tighten.

    I felt so violated.:crybaby:

    I composed myself. I wanted to ask him, "Why did you not discuss this with me first?" I wanted to ask that...but I did not.

    So I asked him, "Well, what are they like? Just liking handbags is not enough, you know."
  6. No one else needs to know how deep and dangerous my obsession has become... I agree that if others are handbag-obsessed enough, they will find tPF - I did, and it didn't take me very long!
  7. :supacool:
  8. Good question. I probably would not volunteer to tell my girl friends, because they are not into buying expensive things, and they would not understand. My coworkers are mostly men, and they are not into purses.

    My best friend, however, buys expensive things all the time. The only difference between us is that she buys without knowing what she is buying. She buys whatever appeals to her, and she never looks at price tags. I, on the other hand, do a lot of research before deciding on a purchase. I am obsesssed in finding out everything there is to know about my purchase, making sure that it is the "best" for me, in terms of quality, price, and suitability. This is why I know all about diamonds, pearls, mutual funds, houses, and etc.. My best friend was so amazed when I talked to her about her rolex diamond watch, LV handbag, and pearl necklace. If I tell her about this forum, she will find it interesting, but she'll never join, because she is afraid of using the internet. She rather calls me and talks over the phone for hours from Hong Kong than chat with me over the net for free.

    My husband thinks that I am crazy spending much time on the internet tracking stocks and mutual funds, and now this forum.
  9. If they ask, I answer. :yes: I don't hide it.
  10. OMG, I am relucant to tell anyone other than my DH and my very best friend about tPF!! You got that spot on: I need this place and it's my place and I really don't want my non-addict friend knowing about my obession with handbags-- or this forum!! LOL
  11. Like Irishgal, most people I know are just not big internet users. They keep in touch with friends and family via email, maybe send a photo of the baby, etc, but even something like buying a book from Amazon will be a big deal that they will ask for help with and consider themselves quite the nerd for having successfully completed the transaction! :smile:

    If I did recommend it to someone, it would really be more for the information available, and the immense human resources here, quite aside from bags.

    I like bags, that's why I came here, but I cannot claim to be obsessed with them, and I don't really have either the ability to or interest in buying expensive things, bags or anything else!
  12. I wouldn't tell someone about it unless they really LOVED bags...I don't know anyone who is as obsessed as me!!! LOL
  13. I told my family about it, but they don't really care (plus they are busy with school/work).

    I belong to a friendster/facebook type site for people who travel a lot (among other things). It's relatively hard to get in. My friends know I'm a member of that site and ask me for invites. I'm hesitant because you have to register under your real name and post real stats which takes away your anonymity. I don't mind if people know what I look like ... but sometimes I post silly questions (like ones about men and relationships) and would feel really uncomfortable if my friends knew the things I was asking/talking about....
  14. you ladies crack me up. I actually like to BRAG about this forum! But I do not metion it by name.
  15. I'd tell anyone about it :smile: it's a great forum and everyone deserves to see it :biggrin: