How safety is it?

  1. Just wonder how safety for a bag with an open top? Some of my friend lost their wallet during shopping on the street. Most of them use shoulder bag and put their pocket in the zippy pocket inside. They don't really realize how can the wallet gone.

    All of them use shoulder bag so is it gonna be more safety when carrying handheld one?

    Open top like Reade, Bucket ????

    What do you think? and any tips to protect the stuff?
  2. I've never had any problem with my open top bags. The reg. bucket is pretty deep and when you hold it against your body it's pretty closed. The reade looks like it would be more prone to that problem. Weird how your friends have lost their wallets when they are put inside the zipper pocket. Must have been some pretty good pick pockets diggin around in their bags.
  3. I've never had that problem either! The reg bucket is SOOO deep I can't imagine losing anything out of it! :p Then the BH is pretty deep too....hmmmm, maybe really good pick-pocketers? :shrugs:
  4. I get nervous about that, so I usually buy close topped purses. But if I do get an open top I make sure its deep.
  5. Oh I am a disaster I never close my bags. Lucky so far no thefts but people always tap me & say, "Your bag is open dear" LOL
  6. LOL :roflmfao: So be careful!
  7. I have yet to be robbed... lol
  8. Yeah I haven't had a problem with open top bags either.
  9. I am a repeat offender. I have the Vernis Houston, I never zip it shut. I figure its deep enough and by my side so I can feel it. If someone is going to purse natch me, they are going to take the whole thing, so open top or closed, wont' save me from that.

    You do have to be careful though if you set it down, that you don't bump it because stuff will tumble out everywhere. So don't put anything embarassing in your purse. :yes:

    It drives my BF crazy though. He's constantly monitoring I figure, eh, why bother now. I have my own security. :p
  10. Gosh I'm another offender who leave my bags unzipped!
  11. I actually stay away from open top bags for this reason... :shrugs:
  12. Hehe, this is probably the reason why many asian tourists carry messenger type bags that sling over the shoulders. Just speaking from myself and people I know, we're paranoid about snatch thieves/ pickpockets :smile:
  13. I only buy bags with zipped tops...not because I am scared of theft but because my stuff always ends up falling out.
  14. I really like the open bags. I've never had a problem, but I am pretty vigilant when I'm in public. I also don't keep all of my money in my wallet. It's divided throughout the bag. I'm weird.
  15. I stay away from bags with open tops --- just my preference. I had one and was so uncomfortable with it being open like that and when I set it down in the car, my stuff would be falling out of it. So --- it was a big hassle.
    So no more bags with open tops for me.