How safe is Google checkout as opposed to Paypal?

  1. How safe IS Google checkout! I only know most recently the HGBags lady, Erica Brenning, has asked that you use Google instead of Paypal because Paypal charges 2.2 percent. You can use Paypal with her, but you have to pay the 2.2 percent fee. I have used this Google checkout a few times before on other websites and thought it was perfectly safe, just like paypal. Maybe eBay insists on Paypal because they are so closely intertwined (as in making gazillions together!!!!) or maybe Paypal really is more secure and you'd have a better chance of recovering your money if a scam occurs?? Thanks for any input. It really makes you think: when a seller casually asks if you want to use Google to save fees etc. On the Balenciaga forum, a Bbag buyer who paid with Google has had the seller say she is "in the hospital, sent her a pair of Vans instead of the bag, sent her the wrong tracking numbers, and now no communication; not looking so good...
    But the main question is: what is your experience with using Google checkout on eBay or otherwise?? There is also quite a stir about this in the Balenciaga Authenticate This thread. The seller said on her listing of the bag that she is a member tPF!!!!! I am beginning to think that could be another clever savvy scammer tactic, to say you are a member. Bummer.:s
  2. If someone is requesting extra money to cover their paypal fees they are breaking the terms of service with both Paypal and eBay, and should be reported. When someone "accepts" Paypal they are supposed to abide by the terms of service which state not to surcharge anyone for using Paypal.

    Other than that, offering google checkout on eBay is a sure way to get your listings cancelled, it currently is not a permitted payment option on eBay (regardless of what anyone thinks that Paypal and eBay are out to get your money, etc., remember that eBay allowed BidPay, this company had no relation to eBay).
  3. I am sorry to have not been clear: that seller doesn't actually offer Google checkout on ebay. She offers paypal (and m.o. and checks I think) on her ebay listings. Google is what she asks for her private client email list. But my question is not so much about ebay but about Google: anyone who has had negative dealings with Google that can talk about what happened?
  4. Addendum: I have actually had sellers on ebay that are supposed to accept paypal ask me to reimburse them for paypal fees. I suspected it might be against the rules!
  5. My bad experience with google is that they have no phone number, no human, no email address to contact. When something goes wrong, you have to search forever to find their elusive web form. 2/3 times I used that form, I received no reply. After I posted my problem in 4 different forums and used the web form again, I received a reply. The joke amongst many is that the only way you can get google to reply is to have a blog that LOTS of people read, and after you blog about it, google will send you aspirin:
  6. i have used google check out as seller and buyer too
    they are fast and pretty good
    Cola,i think i contacted them through email and they responded within 24hrs
  7. i_love_yorkie, what is their email address?
  8. It seems as though paypal is definitely the safest way to go. I am definitely not ever doing google checkout again. Thanks for this thread!

    Email being their only way of contact is quite frustrating. WHen i am having problems especially when its involving money I like to receive responses asap! Like paypal's customer service number.
  9. Protection is not there - or as good as Paypal - is my understanding. Also like it was stated before. It is not an accepted method of payment by Ebay so if you run into problems - they will not support you or offer assistance. It is 100% against Ebay policies for any seller to subject a buyer to an additional fee for using any method of payment (Paypal or other). Those who are doing this should be reported and those that are offering Google checkout IMO should be reported as well. I agree "they" are sticking it to "us" but there are rules for a reason-those that are intentionally creating their own rules and circumventing fees are not helping the situation... JHMO

    Personally ~ I would not purchase something on Ebay and then use a payment method they do not back up...KWIM?
  10. The only reason ebay doesn't allow any other paying service other than paypal is because ebay OWNS paypal. So they don't want other competition, like google. I have used google before and it is FANTASTIC. You are better guarded against credit card chargebacks because they thoroughly screen everyone.
  11. I have used Google Checkout countless times both as a seller and as a buyer and their service is fantastic. Every time I sent in questions to their email hotline someone actually replied quickly -- AND with a direct, helpful response that did not sound like one of those automated responses from PayPal/eBay (responses that fail to even address the questions asked). I generally use GC for personal clients/off-eBay, MP transactions, and occasionally overseas eBayers who don't have PayPal-confirmed addresses and for whom PayPal is not an option (as I absolutely do not take PayPal when it's unconfirmed address, just cannot risk it). GC conducts manual screening on all transactions, requires ship-to address to match credit card billing address....and yes, when they spot potential problems, they DO reject the payment (I've had a few buyers' payments rejected before), so it's not instantaneous like PayPal where they accept anything and later have sellers deal with the problems, chargebacks, and scams on their own. Buyers also have buyer protection -- (1) from the required tracking (sellers are required to provide proof of delivery and input the tracking # after each order), and (2) from their credit card company, which is basically how buyer protection works on PayPal anyway.
  12. I did not have problem till now..I purchsed a bag from seller off ebay..and paid through google check out..NO tracking info and I still did not get my bag was Jan 24th..
    and I get automated response when I send her an email. she has family and so...
    And sad thing is her address is po box..It drives me nuts~
    I really dont know what to do..If I should wait little more or..go ahead and call AMEX