How safe do you feel when you carry one of your more expensive bags?


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Jan 13, 2006

I received a phone call from a friend whose brother and new wife are honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta, last night they went to dinner and my friends brother went back inside the restaurant for something his wife was standing out side waiting for him when a man ran up to her and snatched her brand new spy bag out of her hands and ran away. The police told my friends brother and his wife that she should not carry an expensive bag into town. So how safe do you feel when you carry one of your more expensive bags? :sad2:
That's terrible. I'm so sorry to hear that.

I don't carry expensive bags on vacation or bring very expensive jewelry either. You're better off leaving the good stuff at home. You never know what you'll run into.
my boyfriend dropped me off at a mall in atlanta today while he went to a job interview, and he knew i wanted to go to another one as well, so he suggested i get on the train (Marta) and go to it. i was carrying my pewter balenciaga.

i told him i didn't bring the right bag to ride public transportation, lol.

if it's a logo bag and i'm in a less-than-desirable area, i sometimes feel a little nervous, but i guarantee that the Spy snatcher had no idea it was an expensive bag and probably threw it away.
We go to Puerto Vallarta every year. I leave my good bags at home for that trip, mostly because we spend lots of time near the sea and sand and I don't want them ruined. There's also something to be said for not wearing or carrying something that probably costs more than most of the people who live there will make in a year.
oh geez, ive never really thought about it - generally i feel pretty safe carrying LV around. BUT yeah, i'd have to agree i wouldn't take anything expensive when i'm travelling.

It really sucks what happened to your friend, i hope she's got insurance or something!!!!
Sorry to hear about your friend. Yes I do take some designer pieces but not bags. Wallet or wristlet but I wouldn't even have enough to put in a bag. I like to travel light but definately the camera fits in the bag.
I am sorry to hear about what happened, I'm glad she is okay!

I don't always feel comfortable carrying my more expensive bags into not-so-safe places. Today I had a luncheon to attend for work, and I had to park in a bad area of downtown and walk a few blocks to where the event was being held. I made sure I walked with a group of people who were also going to the luncheon. I was carrying my LV Speedy.

If I'm going to an unfamiliar area on vacation or on business, I usually don't bring one of my more expensive bags with me.
I have never travelled outside the US; inside the US I never "check" anything of value; it is hard enough for me to pack my beloved Paige denim collection when travelling in the States. I had a colleague whose husband worked for baggage handling; he was constantly bringing her electronics, designer wallets, bags, jewelery...etc. Yes, the baggage handlers were stealing valuables out of people's luggage. :blink:

I would not carry a flashy bag in an area where it would draw the wrong type of attention; this is why I love my Chloe Silverado - it does not scream "look at me, I am expensive".
i use the subways everyday in NYC, not once have i ever been mugged, thank god. i don't carry logo bags, most of my bags don't scream money, only us bag obsessed know. but if there ever were educated bag thieves, i would be in trouble.

Besides losing the bag (which is bad enough) I think the worse thing was the cavalier attitude of the police. But they did say that they most likely picked her because of the fact she looked wealthy and thought she would have money/credit cards and possible a passport in the bag. She may have been wrong to carry an expensive bag into a country that has such poverty, but she was a victim and should be treated likewise. Thank goodness she had her passport and credit cards locked up at the hotel vault. I think she lost her driver license, which may cause trouble getting home this weekend. I guess it could have been much worse. But I’ve learned a lesson I’ll never take a designer any thing out of the country. Frightening.

I agree she should have been treated much differently (aka. much better by the police). Sorry to hear that happened to her.

When I go out of the country I take my LV Keepall but I am able to carry it with me on the plane. I usually only take one or two bags (purses) because I don't want to pack too much. I've really never thought about getting robbed b/c of my bag. Thats a shame that happened.
I would never carry an expensive bag on vacation. I read somewhere that you should draw as little attention to yourself as possible abroad. Sorry to hear about your friend :[

I feel okay carrying around expensive bags though, just gotta be cautious of your surroundings.
Firstly taking a nice bag on holiday with you is not a great idea, unless youre taking one as handluggage, as it gets squashed in the suitcase (i ended up with a flat silverado).
In London, especially central London, designer bags (fake or authentic) are the norm. I live off Sloane Square on Kings Road and everyone eyes each other bags, and there a lot of nudging and whispering!
Even so, I find that monogram bags are a little uncomfortable when shopping in market stalls or trying to haggle when in the South of France or in Spain. I guess people assume its just a good fake!
i am sorry for your friend! Probably the experience of being robbed is more traumatic than loosing the bag. i don't have a problem with carrying my expensive bags around in munich. here is the same like in london just everybody has luxury bags and munich is a pretty safe city with a very low crime rate. When i am on holiday i just have the one bag as the hand luggage mostly it is one of y louis but whem i travel to the beach i take a cheap one because of the beach and sea etc.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend!

Unlike most other people who replied, I'm one of those bring-the-entire-wardrobe types. I'm currently studying in London, so my second trip, I brought all my bags except for the LVs. I think maybe on a vacation, one shouldn't bring more than 2 bags. But since I'm here until the end of June, I think I need mine. Haha.