How sad is this..........

  1. O god... I really cant take all this news... what has the world come too!!
  2. That is very tragic.
  3. that is so horrible and scary!!

    what is behind this post natal depression? how does one get it? cant it be prevented? I want to have children someday, but I dont want to go out like that.

    they said that she was a very happy and healthy woman, and was only in that state after having kids? really makes you wonder

  4. I had a mild case of it after the birth of my son, but I always blamed the depression on the circumstances at the time. (Long story, I had to take a job as a live-in baby-sitter while my then husband enlisted in the military and his mother didn't want me around.)

    It's very common because of the hormonal problems associated with giving birth. Some BC pills and devices that contain a lot of hormones cause simular symptoms. She may have felt overwhelmed with two children who were both low-weight at birth, and the demands put on her.

    I don't know if an anti-depressant adminsitered at the time would have helped any, it takes awhile to build up in your system. She also probably wasn't sure of her mothering abilities... I know I sure wasn't. It had been almost ten years since my daughter was born and I had a lot of help then... when I had my son I was not only responsible for him, but the three kids I baby-sat for as well.

    I wish there was a way to find out if one is pre-disposed to post partum depression. Japson, my best advice would be since you are aware that this problem does exsist, if you feel you are getting depressed after having your child, run to get help as soon as you can. Education is the best preventatove.
  5. that story is just so sad. i really, really feel for the family. and as tragic as this story is, i guess the one thing was that she did not take her children with her (those are the most tragic stories of all).

    if anybody is wondering about post-partum depression (how one gets it, symptoms,etc), I HIGHLY suggest reading that book that Brooks Shields came out with a year or so ago. She describes in great detail her situation, how she felt, and how she eventually recovered (she had post-partum depression after giving birth to her first child). I think there are even resources (liek website adresses, phone#s) for more info on this issue. I've never been a mom but I could really, really empathize with her in the book. Anyone whose ever had any sort of depression in the past will understand what she was going through. It think it really helps to be aware of the possibility of this situation if you want to prevent it from ever happening
  6. That is horribly sad.
  7. That is so sad!
  8. I never suffered from it but have had a friend who did. I really wish that pre-natal classes and the nurses in the hospital when the baby is born would talk to mothers about it. Let them know that it is normal and where they can go for help.
  9. oh, how terrible =[
  10. That's just terrible.
  11. 'Depressed' new mum throws herself under a lorry two weeks after having twins

    By REBECCA CAMBER - Last updated at 08:46am on 11th January 2008

    A woman believed to be suffering from depression killed herself by running in front of a lorry just two weeks after giving birth to twins.

    Heather Finkill, 30, left her home in the early hours of the morning to walk 400 yards to the M3 motorway wearing only her pyjamas.
    She was last seen running across the busy carriageway before being hit by a heavy goods vehicle at around 7am. Scroll down for more ...
    [​IMG] Tragic: Heather Finkill, pictured with husband Ryan, ran on to the M3 after having twins

    Last night, it emerged the new mother may have been suffering from post-natal depression following the premature birth of her daughters, Lacey May and Isobel Rose, by Caesarean section on December 19.
    The twins - the couple's first children - weighed just 3lbs and 5oz and 5lb when they were born and were treated in a special baby unit.
    Although Mrs Finkill had seen a doctor and midwife after giving birth, she had not been diagnosed with depression and was not on antidepressants, her family said.
    Speaking from the couple's £200,000 terraced home in Pinewood Park, Farnborough, Hampshire, her husband Ryan, 38, a painter and decorator, said: "I am completely devastated. My mind is blank at the moment.
    "I just don't know what to do. I am just inconsolable. I can't come to terms with it." Scroll down for more ...
    [​IMG] Heather Finkill's body was discovered near this bridge on the M3

    In a statement released on behalf of the family, he added: "The loss of our beautiful Heather has devastated us.
    "No words can describe how we are feeling. We are numb with pure grief. Heather was my soul mate and a devoted wife. She leaves behind her twin two-week-old baby girls.
    "Heather was a kind and giving person who was loved so much by her family and many friends. "How she came to die will be something we may never come to terms with. We all ask why, but that is a question we cannot answer. We wish to pass our thanks to everyone who tried to help Heather."
    [​IMG] Flowers left at the roadside where Heather was killed

    Mrs Finkill's father-in-law, William, said: "Ryan, as you can imagine, is absolutely devastated. It is a terrible time for him - he is distraught.
    "We did not know she had post-natal depression. We did not even know the condition existed. It has been a terrible shock and it's an incredibly traumatic time for Ryan."
    Mr Finkill last saw his wife at 5am on January 2 when he got up to feed the twins before shortly going back to bed. After waking to find she was not in the house, he immediately rang police.
    Her body was discovered on the northbound carriageway of the M3 near junction 4a after a number of motorists called police to say they had hit a woman's body.
    Mrs Finkill was found still wearing the pink pyjama trousers she had slept in, along with a blue hooded top, white Nike trainers and a diamond studded ring.
    A heart-shaped pendant on a necklace was found close to her body.
    Dozens of floral tributes have since been left on a bridge over the M3 close to where Mrs Finkill died.
    Although police are not treating her death as suspicious, they are interviewing health care professionals about any treatment Mrs Finkill may have received.
    Sergeant Paul Plews, of Farnborough Police, said: "This is an exceptionally traumatic and tragic incident which has torn apart a very loving family.
    "A fatal accident which involves two such young children at what should be such a happy time in the family's life is utterly devastating.
    "Heather and Ryan Finkill were both overjoyed to have their first children. There is nothing suspicious about Heather's death but one of the lines we have to follow is a medical inquiry.
    "When someone dies 14 days after giving birth we have to ask whether there was post-natal depression.
    "Our investigation would show that there were some signs but there was no indication that she was planning to take her own life.
    "It seems the medical profession were doing everything they could."
    Deborah Morgan-Graham, head of post-natal support charity Perinatal Illness UK, said that deaths relating to post-natal depression were "sadly far too common".
    "Around one in five women who give birth suffers from some form of postnatal-depression," she added. "In its most extreme form it can lead to women committing suicide. "Suicide is the most common form of death among new mothers - 40 women each year die as a result of it during the first year after they have given birth."
  12. sorry not familiar w/the termination but guessing from the pic, a lorry is a freeway??
  13. How heart goes out to the family. I feel so sorry for her husband and their babies.
  14. A lorry is a truck/wagon/HGV, the road is the M3 motorway