How sad is this?

  1. I was soooooooooooooo bored last night that I went to elux and thought, if I ordered every monogram canvas bag on elux right now under handbags and backpacks how much would it be? Well it would be $48,885 and if I ordered every bag under the same category in Damier it would be right at $28,000. HAHA!!! Ok I was reallllllllyyyy bored.
  2. LOL, I should do that when I get bored...
  3. You are cracking me up!!!:lol:
  4. LOL some days i do the same. I just think i won the lotto and money isnt an issue *have fun*:lol:
  5. Lol
  6. :lol: I wonder how much it will all be if you purchased every bag from every LV line :amuse: Anyone bored? :biggrin:
  7. $48k huh? That's really not too bad!!! I couldn't afford it but I can see why Kimora Lee could have every LV piece...
  8. Only with the ones that are currently on ELux (several well known bags are missing right now) it would be $113,495.

    Of course that doesn't count the VIP ones, the exotic ones, etc.
  9. One Powerball win is all I ask....why does that seem to be too much to ask for huh?
    Or how about the Mega Millions at the casino....*sigh*

    Then some days I think...OK how about $25000...that's not being greedy :smile: that I see this thread I need to bump the 25K up to around think the PHH would go for spending 48K out of a 50K win on purse?? HAHA I could just see the look on his face now!
  10. Wow, I thought I did some crazy things when I was bored!
  11. Now THAT'S Bored!!
  12. umm. i never looked at it that way.
  13. Neither Price Is Bad For All Those Pieces (Just A Far Off Dream!).....Thanks For Sharing!!!
  14. haha! You are so cute, PurseFanatic!
  15. Hahha...I did that once...:amuse: