How rude!!

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  1. I sent a reminder to an ebay buyer that the alloted time listed in my auction has passed and that I havent received payment yet. The buyer finally emails me back later in the day "I sent payment via paypal. I work for a living, and dont sit on my ebay page all day long." Jeesh! So I wrote back "so do most of us. If you would rather not continue this transaction, I'll happily refund your money." I was hoping she would say ok because I have a bad feeling about the attitude. She just wrote back "please ship the item." I said I would ship it out tomorrow and I hope she enjoys it, but this is the reason I was so wary of selling on ebay. Watch, she'll be the one person in 72 to not leave me positive feedback and Ill be pissed, but I had to say something - I'm not one to take sh*t from people!! Should I have handled it differently?
  2. You handled it just fine. A lot better than I would have :graucho:
  3. OMG!!! I just sent a reminder today to my buyer that she has only 48 hours left to pay before I re-list. I hope she responds/pays b/c I don't want the hassle of relisting. I just sent it as a friendly reminder, I hope she doesn't think I'm rude but so many buyers do not read the fine print in auctions and i stick to my policy!
  4. I understand how you feel, but no matter what you state in your auction, the buyer has the 7 full days to pay. Correct me if I am wrong. So, unfortunately this sets a negative tone for your transaction. I wouldn't have said anything, until the last day that is a required payment via eBay's TOS.
  5. You did great Donna! :tup: Don't let them push you around! :boxing: Unfortunately there are awnry people like that, but it will all work out I am sure... good luck! :tup:
  6. Some people are just jerks! Yeah, maybe they work for a living and are busy, but this person needs to realize that they need to MAKE time to pay you for the item they bought from's THEIR responsibility to pay you if they won the bid. Let's see what they say when they put an item up for auction and are not paid when they should be.

    I'm so sorry that happened to you! But I think you handled it beautifully.
  7. I agree because there really isn'y anytging you can do until after the 7th day. When did the auction end?

  8. To get fees back that is true but every buyer can state their own rules.. if a seller does not abide by them, the seller has the right to sell the item to the next person. :okay:
  9. You have to follow the eBay tos not what you state in your auction. You can't sell your item to the next person until you open a dispute. Unless they changed the tos. I know a lot of ebay sellers state item must be paid within 24-48 hours, however, even if that is not followed thru via the buyer, they can't sell to the next person until they have followed eBay rules and procedures.
  10. I understand the 7 day thing, but I felt she could have at least acknowledged my "congratulations!" email. It was only $20 so not like she was paying my mortgage or anything, but I think its just a common courtesy. Oh well...
  11. You handled it just fine. I think that if anything she should not have come at you like that! That is a very snotty attitude to give to someone that you are buying something from!!:tdown:
  12. Sometimes there is no common courtesy on ebay, some people, buyers and sellers never respond, they just complete the transaction and that's it. I've learned not to expect much from people.
  13. That was rude! I hate when I sell something and the people pay late. I don't understand why some people is like that.
  14. ITA, you shouldn't really expect anything other than them paying and leaving you fair feedback. You never know what people are going through in their lives. She could have left the snide remark to herself, but maybe she felt you were a bit pushy. Besides, it isn't worth the stress and receiving a negative over.
  15. I guess Im just used to the way I do it - not that I'm a pro or anything, but i always pay immediately, and if for some reason I wasnt going to I'd at least email the person thanking them and telling them payment is forthcoming, etc. My initial email wasnt snotty - just a reminder, so I was kind of taken aback that she would respond so rudely, like shes so busy and Im just sitting here eating bon-bons or something!