How rude is this?

  1. So I am a lawyer and I have one secretary plus three paralegals who help me out a lot. For Christmas I got them all gift bags from La Maison du Chocolat. I put them together myself and spent about $50 on each. I left them on each person's desk with a nice note before I left for holiday vacation.

    Fast forward to now. I am back. Three of them have thanked me very graciously but one hasn't said a word!! I work with her every day so I have seen her and talked to her quite a bit since I got back.

    I'm kind of put out that she hasn't even said thank you for the gift. Would you say something to her (like "Did you get the chocolates?") Let it go? Not bother next year???
  2. Maybe she just forgot??!!LOL!
    Just ask if she got them...PHH and I bought gifts for 26 doctors and PA's that work for him at his hospital...ONLY about half said thanks..Im used to it!
  3. I guess she could have just forgotten. Everyone else remembered though! I guess I shouldn't be so annoyed but I feel like I made an effort to do something nice and deserve at least a thank you.
  4. Let it go. Some people are so poorly bred and raised that they don't even get that they should say "thank you".
  5. Maybe ask her something silly to break the ice, like "Are you allergic to chocolate?" You can kill her with kindness by saying you were concerned that you got her something that she didn't like or worse yet couldn't eat. I'm sure she will fall over herself to apologize!
  6. Irish has more willpower than me. . . I'd ask if she enjoyed them!
  7. I would start with "how was your Holiday?" Maybe something bad happened and she is consumed by it and forgot...this way if that is the case you do not regret asking her.
    If she says her Holiday was "fine" or "great" or "Relaxing" say well I hope you enjoyed your chocolates.....(then hit her with a joke) I bought some for myself and could not stop eating them "hahahaha". Then sit back and see how she responds.
    Kindness always kills...... :graucho:
  8. I'd just bring it up nicely. That's pretty rude, but she may just have forgotten and feel embarrassed and thank you profusely when you bring it up.
  9. I would ask gently if she received her gift - and ask her if she enjoyed them.:yes:

    I never received Christmas gifts from any of my employers, and if i did, i sure would maybe she just 'forgot' to say thanks and now just feels embarrassed.

    If she still doesn't say thanks, then you have an extra $50 to spend on yourself next year!!:nuts:
  10. I'd let it go, too. I guess some people don't know how to say "thank you."
  11. Is there anyway that she did not receive the gift? It just seems odd that someone in the professional arena assisting an attorney that happens to be her boss and the source of her paycheck would totally blow the gift off.:confused1:
  12. Definitely ask if she liked the chocolates, I am sure she just forgot! I wouldn't read too much into it...I have had just the opposite happen to me, where I have totally forgotten to say thank you to happens!!!
  13. I would ask her if she got them or say something like 'I hope you liked the gift I left for you' - she may have just forgotten to say thank you and that would give her the gentle nudge reminder.
  14. I agree :yes:
  15. I agree with the majority and ask if she received them or how she liked them. She would never forget to say thank you to someone again. You will be doing her a great favor!